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Teri Hopkins
Location: Welwyn Garden City
Gender: Female
Born: 06)12)80
Interests: Writing, healing, reading, helping others, doing things with my kids and hubby, playing guitar, meditating, laughing
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2012
ive sang all my life and used to do many open mic nights through hertfordshire and london. i do like to sing but my passion is in writing and helping others. i have my own business in Holistic/Spiritual therapies for women -
I also am on twitter @terihopkins1980.
And have a blog where you can keep updated with my poems, angel/oracle cards of the days, words of wisdom and thoughts of the day.
regarding my songs,as my life is taking a different path ive decided to put a bunch of them on here just so people can have a listen instead of them sitting in my draws( so to say!). I am still hoping (when moneys better) that i can get all my songs produced and sell them.
hope you enjoy them and any feed back is much appreciated. keep shining, keep smiling. x
keep shining, keep smiling
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Ominous Ride
Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- (live acoustic) my gods a women. this is a very lighthearted song about prefering to pray to a women, she'll understand more!

most of my songs are live acoustics as i havnt got the money or time to get them properly produced. i probably would try more if it was what i wanted to pursue but it isnt. as i stated in my profile info, i do like singing and used to do alot of it, but my first and foremost passion is writing and helping others. i just wanted to put a bunch of my songs up to share with others and hopefully get feed. all the best to you all. x
March 6 at 3:41AM
    Jaydune: i dig ur music u very good in interpreting emotion into words,please check out my content wud love 2 hear 4rm u
    April 26 at 4:46AM
    olinka31: Beautiful, beautiful compositions!
    April 27 at 6:46PM

Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- (live acoustic) losing track. this is a short but sweet track about being strung along in a relationship. someone giving you false hope and lies, saying their going to change.
March 5 at 9:03AM

Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- (live acoustic) you got me.
March 4 at 6:42AM

Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- (live acoustic) childhhod innocence.
March 3 at 10:43AM

Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- (live Acoustic) if luving you is wrong ( i dont wanna be right). hope you enjoy ;0)
March 2 at 12:00PM

Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- you aint no man to me. acoustic
March 1 at 5:54AM

Teri Hopkins: NEW SONG- Nature of a soul.
February 29 at 2:48PM

Teri Hopkins: my song 'wonderman' was written and sung by myself,acoustic guitar played by myself, and the production done by tim jennings.
February 23 at 4:31AM


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