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Gender: Male
Born: October 31, 1983
Interests: Singing, art, poetry, writing, school, Bible, christianity, classical studies,
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2012
I enjoy singing but I don't write my own music yet. I also enjoy writing poetry, short stories, and art.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
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r_silke: Please check out my vocal website to hear all my vocal recordings at Take a moment to sign the guestbook on the site with your comments and feedback. Thanks!
December 1 at 3:56PM

r_silke: Please check out my Christmas musical website at Here you will find all my recordings of Christmas carols and songs. There's lots to do on the site. If anything, I hope it brings some Christmas spirit to you.
December 1 at 3:53PM

r_silke: Hello. I am new to fanmusic. I see that it just started this year. Very cool. I used to sing karaoke as a teenager but never got into singing or performed live in an audience solo. I would like to do that some day. Here are just a few of my favourite songs that I recorded with my vocals. The music is all karaoke style so I can sing to it. I hope it sounds good and that you can have an appreciate for it. I love to sing to my daddy Adonai, God. Blessings,
February 24 at 10:58PM
    Abbs_2: you are very good, I like your voice a lot, it has a nice depth to it. You might want to work on exercising your intonation though, that would add a lot. Keep it up, your doing great!
    February 27 at 12:08AM


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I Get on My Knees Everyday vocal finished third in the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
December 24 at 12:08AM

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