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Can music talk?
My name is Peter Alman. Music for me was never meant to only entertain but form a dialogue with the listener... Thank you for stopping by :).
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pmalman: How to get #1 rating and to become the Artist of the Year?

Again, It is not enough to be talented. Everyone is talented here?

It means that you should do something different than other artists. You should be more creative than others and the quality of your music/songs has to be superb. Also, it is good if you can win any contests (including Artist of the Month) that will reflect the level of popularity of your songs. How many reviews per song would you need? It is your choice but FM suggesting 15 (Recognized) or 25 (All Time Best). Why? Because, if your song has only 2 reviews it has a chance that it was rated by your friends or not friends. It means that the average rate will be higher or lower than it should be. If your song has higher number of reviews the average rate is more accurate because there is more chance that it was reviewed by independent reviewers.

First, forget everything from plan A because it sounds a little complicated and may take time to do everything. There is also an easy way available for you.
Closer to the end of year in the late December you would need to have only 1-2 songs (no more) with only 2 very good reviews (it is much better if they are written by your friends) and that is it.

(If you have any specific questions feel free to contact the Artist of the Year directly and he will be more than welcome to share his experience with you.)

Hope it helps.

Enjoy your day!

Thank you for your comments ladies and gentlemen but, first, I would like to ask you to be nice with artists regardless of your feelings. What should do those people that have no chance to win in real competition? Plan B is only choice for them to get at least something. But where was a guard? Looks like he was under sleeping peels and woke up only after deal was done and he just pushed the final button.

Continuation follows ...
January 23 at 10:59AM
    datka98: PlanC.
    Contact admin of this site, convince him to change the date of choosing the winner exactly when you publish your 2 songs with 6* and 5* that have highest ratings. After that hide them immediately to avoid a bad review (since those songs are still shit). And yeah... I have almost forgot: spam with quantity of songs with your friends' ratings. quality here doesn't meter.
    January 25 at 3:17AM
    Danarg: Hi there, I just realized you don't know my last name so it would be really hard to google me :) Sorry. My last name is Galen, so just google Dana Galen. Hope you like my music.
    January 27 at 9:06PM

pmalman: How to win competition?

It is not enough to be talented. Everyone is talented?

Plan A.
Of cause you would need very good quality of performance and recording. Try to be creative, try to move music/song to another level. It is risky and does not guarantee you success but you may be eventually reworded for doing this.

Plan B.
Do the same that you did last 50 years. It is safe. Try personally attack other artists who are better than you and who is trying something new. In case if they leave, you would have higher chance to get at least one vote. You may even win competition if everyone leaves.

Hope it helps.

Enjoy your day!

Continuation follows ...

January 21 at 8:32AM

pmalman: If someone accused a composer without providing any proof that this composer didn't create anything but was using music of others is this considered as a personal attack?

Why some one would suddenly start to blame (without providing any facts) another person in plagiarism who potentially can be the 2013 Artist of the Year and also to threaten to let about this administration and consistently keep sending multiple messages with a quite aggressive tone in the late December?

Thank you for your opinions Kerry, Dana and Scottncarrie (rapidly deleted by someone). Now I think may be this wasn't about my music at all? May be this was just attempt to distract my attention while pursuing own agenda? I think that it is also possible that this person wasn't acting alone but a group of people was involved too and he got a price for doing this dirty job. What is more interesting this person stopped sending me accusation messages after he got a price.
All this looks like a fake PR (propaganda). I think if some one can do this in one place it is a very big chance that he will do it in other places as well.

But who is behind all of this???

Enjoy your day!

Continuation follows ...
January 19 at 12:30PM

January 9 at 11:42PM

January 7 at 5:51AM
    pmalman: Everybody! Wait for a BiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG surprise! :)
    January 8 at 7:51AM
    datka98: :D Looks like above animal of the year has stolen it's achievement by making good personal relations with youtube administrators :D
    January 10 at 9:08AM

pmalman: Happy Holidays!!! :)
For me Fanmusic was a good place to start. While being here I had 7 songs that got status Recognized, 3 - All Time Best, won about 10 contests including contest of the month. I met many wonderful people here. Thank you so much for your music and reviews! Best Wishes! Peter :)
December 22 at 7:17AM

FanMusic wrote to pmalman: Congratulations! Is this you, Winter? won the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
December 7 at 12:08AM
    Kerri Powles: Congratulations on your win Peter :)
    December 7 at 1:19AM
    SueClayton: Congratulations Peter!!!
    December 8 at 1:18AM
    pmalman: Thank you dear Kerry, Sue and everyone who voted for me. :)
    December 21 at 1:11PM

pmalman: Finally I found very good balance of sounds!
December 4 at 11:00PM
    SueClayton: How do I review your songs? Can't see listing of them here.
    December 6 at 5:58PM

pmalman: Many thanks for your reviews for Autumn! Based on your comments , I feel that I am moving in right direction. :)
November 10 at 9:31PM

August 15 at 7:11PM
    SueClayton: Great music and video - as always! :)
    September 3 at 6:46PM
    Duaneskerritt: hauntingly beautiful :-)

    Thanks for your music
    October 9 at 8:42AM
    BobbiWilson: Wow, wow, wow, wow wow!
    November 19 at 11:26AM
    Margaret: Absolutely Amazing!!
    November 21 at 12:26PM
    Zamek: Really Good ;)
    November 28 at 9:23AM

FanMusic wrote to pmalman: Congratulations! Hello My Friend won the contest "R&B Music Contest"
August 4 at 12:08AM

FanMusic wrote to pmalman: Congratulations! Why? won the contest "Sad Song Music Contest"
June 30 at 12:08AM

March 1 at 7:20PM
    elijones: Wow, I love that...thanks
    March 22 at 9:05PM
    SueClayton: Pretty pics to go with pretty music. Beautiful - as always! :)
    May 1 at 1:12PM
    Danarg: Brilliant and mind blowing at the same time. You really do carry on a dialogue when you play the guitar. Nice pictures but I would have cried without them, just listening to you speak through your instrument says more than any picture could say. Thank you!
    June 25 at 7:34PM
    BobbiWilson: So professional, so lovely
    November 19 at 11:27AM
    pmalman: Thank you everyone for your comments!!! Thank you for your understanding that this is not just a music. This is a dialog! What is interesting in this that video and background music are two independent things. First, I composed music - guitar in old classical Spanish style. In few years my son was visiting Switzerland and he made some pictures. I liked those pictures so much that I decided to make a video from them. Next, I wanted to try if any of my songs would fit as background music. When I tried Guitar I was amazed how perfectly they fit. It was like a happy marriage. :) Thank you!
    December 27 at 8:15PM
    Jimi Seven: uh this is just plain ol classical guitar, done well, but lacks a real melody that takes you is more a bunch of fragments pieced together. I would give it a 2.5.
    On this site few people really know good music
    April 10 at 9:54AM

pmalman: I am glad that we have new people here. Thank you for sharing your talent. :)
February 13 at 1:40PM

FanMusic wrote to pmalman: Congratulations! 1st piano improv. for Morning Star won the contest "Acoustic Contest"
January 14 at 12:08AM


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Artist of The Month Winner

Is this you, Winter? won the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
December 7 at 12:08AM
Happy to see you. finished third in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
October 9 at 12:08AM
Flying finished third in the contest "Deepest Feelings Music"
August 20 at 12:08AM
Hello My Friend won the contest "R&B Music Contest"
August 4 at 12:08AM
Love Story finished second in the contest "Romance Music Contest"
August 1 at 12:08AM
Love forever finished second in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
July 27 at 12:08AM
Why? won the contest "Sad Song Music Contest"
June 30 at 12:08AM
What if tomorrow ... finished second in the contest "Acoustic Contest"
June 29 at 12:08AM

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