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Johnny Gora
Location: Kingston
Gender: Male
Born: Dec 4 '68
Interests: Albainian basket weaving and crayon dinner parties
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2012
Never let fear or common sense get in your way.
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Johnny Gora: Hope everyone did okay in that big storm we just had
February 10 at 9:49AM

Johnny Gora: Happy New Years everyone
January 1 at 2:27PM

Johnny Gora: Happy Holidays everyone
December 26 at 8:20AM

Johnny Gora: Took a break for a few months and starting to work on new material
September 29 at 10:30AM

Johnny Gora: New newspaper article about my book came out today :
September 20 at 3:07PM

Johnny Gora: New cd 'The Latency Issue' now available on iTunes'for $4.95
August 22 at 8:45AM

Johnny Gora: Have a tv interview about the book I wrote this Thursday
August 20 at 3:30PM

Johnny Gora: Staring to get some tips and info on recording because I know I need to improve a lot with that aspect.
June 25 at 11:08PM

Johnny Gora: Beauty weekend out there, hope everyone is getting the chance to enjoy it.
May 12 at 10:44AM

Johnny Gora: Feel free to check out my art at fanartreview.
Yup, some shameless self promotion there folks.
April 8 at 1:44PM
    Jaydune: check the music on my profile please much love and GOD bless you :)
    May 5 at 11:49AM
    Johnny Gora: Thank you, I'll check it out this evening.
    May 12 at 10:43AM

Johnny Gora: The link to my music on Jango Radio :
March 7 at 11:00PM

Johnny Gora: Here's a tip folks.
Before you hand out your artist bio - make sure there's no typo's in it.
Man I feel like such a twit.
February 24 at 9:40PM

Johnny Gora: Off to the radio stations to drop some discs and a bio off.
Wish me luck.
February 24 at 10:47AM

Johnny Gora: I originally joined fan art review and have yet to set-up on the writing side but when I saw the music option I just had to.
February 16 at 2:36PM
    L.lora: I truly hope you will venture over to the writing side, lots of good people there as there are on all parts of FS...Lora
    February 22 at 5:00PM
    Johnny Gora: I really should.
    I have a book coming out in a few months and some short stories I'm working on.
    Would be a good learning experience.
    February 22 at 5:45PM
    loveth: hello
    my name is loveth i m single seeking for good friendship after viewing your profile here at this site so i decided to contact you i want you to be my friend and also i would like to know more about you it will be a pleasure to read from you if you wouldnt mind you can email me in private at so that i can reply you and also tell you more about me and send my piture to you i will be expecting your mail soon kiss with love your new lovely friend loveth sonoma
    April 29 at 5:54PM


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