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Location: Medina, Texas
Gender: Female
Born: 4/4/48
Interests: Horses, art, music
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2012
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John David Coupland
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FanMusic wrote to ckbesq: Congratulations! All I Want For Christmas is You won the contest "Holiday Music Contest"
January 1 at 12:08AM
    SueClayton: That was a tough contest to win but you did it; you beat the goblins at Christmas - Congratulations! All I Want for Christmas is a lovely song for the season. Shine On!
    January 1 at 2:44PM
    ckbesq: Thanks, Number 1, for your support and compliments!
    January 1 at 3:33PM
    datka98: My bigest congratulations, ckbesq. As I predicted you: you should win with your great song and a grat voice. I am really happy, even though I have lost. To loose a competion with a dignified competitor like you is a big honour :-)
    January 2 at 1:59AM
    datka98: BTW I also voted for you :-)
    January 2 at 8:58AM
    SueClayton: Hey David, You gave her a good run for her money! :) Right CK? ;)
    February 6 at 5:23PM

FanMusic wrote to ckbesq: Congratulations! Wesley Kyle won the contest "Ballad Music"
December 6 at 12:08AM

FanMusic wrote to ckbesq: Congratulations! Wesley Kyle won the contest "Ballad Music"
December 4 at 12:08AM
    SueClayton: Right on! More congratulations on another great win!
    December 4 at 12:23AM
    ckbesq: Thanks so much, Sue. It is a wonderful tribute to my friend, Wes Kyle.
    December 4 at 10:19AM
    datka98: Hi ckbesq. Congratulations. You did it again :-D
    December 4 at 2:32PM
    ckbesq: With some help from artists here! Thanks for yours and for the congrats.
    December 4 at 6:44PM

FanMusic wrote to ckbesq: Congratulations! I've Got The Sun won the contest "Love Song"
October 5 at 12:08AM
    SueClayton: Congratulations on winning 1st place! I've Got The Sun is a perfect love song.
    Shine On! ;)
    October 5 at 1:06AM
    ckbesq: Thanks Sue and all who voted for my song! This is very gratifying!
    October 7 at 7:30PM
    SueClayton: CK: If you ask me, you are definitely the #1 lyricist on this site. Must be so nice to be so prolific. Good on ya! :)
    November 17 at 3:21PM
    datka98: I voted ;-) too
    November 28 at 2:28PM
    ckbesq: Thank you very much, datka!
    December 1 at 6:47PM

ckbesq: Practically no one votes in the song contests- why? Please, if you are reading this, have a look at the contests, and give some song a vote!
July 19 at 8:49AM
    davey7865: this site is kind of confusing! lol still learning. it doesn't seem like there's a lot of people on here. it's a shame.
    July 29 at 6:35AM
    ckbesq: What is really a shame is that even the contestants do not vote! When a song can win with 2 votes, there is something wrong! There are more people on the site than you would think (see listings) but apathy reigns. A $100 prize is nothing to sneeze at, but it should not be won with one or two votes! Come on, people, listen to the entries and give someone the respect of a vote!
    August 6 at 11:52AM
    JP Williams: We are the next best thing. Please give us a listen.
    Thank you for your time
    August 29 at 3:56PM

ckbesq: Can someone explain what the idea is for reviewing the songs of an artist? Is it to critique the voice, the words, the tune, or the overall value of the song? If it is not a professional recording, but a good song, does that merit a low score? There are a lot of variables at play, I know, but it seems that when someone says that they love the music and the words but the instruments sound a little cloudy and thus give a rating of a 3, there is something wrong with this process. Not everyone has professional recordings of their music (actually very few!)- but there needs to be some standards for review, don't you think?
April 30 at 11:47PM
    Mahdi Kayvan: Yup! you're so right. Even the popular music labels don't expect you to send them a high quality song to choose and promote you. They actually focus on other variables. So I guess the quality is not a matter to give a low score and judging so, is truly wrong.
    May 27 at 5:05AM
    Strontonio: Dear ckbesq,
    A wonderful song about a wonderful place. I can just imagine an orchestra behind you while you sing this song.I love your guitar playing as well. Outstanding !!!!
    June 13 at 11:18AM
    ckbesq: Thanks so much for the very gracious compliments! Much appreciated, Stontonio.
    June 13 at 5:30PM
    SueClayton: I know what you mean. The site says if you give 4 stars it means the work is good and that the reviewer should offer some advice on how to improve the song. It's very very frustrating to get a review that says "excellent song - great this and that..." and then you get 4 stars. Ahhhhhhh!!! Thanks for noting that on your profile page. I'm so happy to see that someone else feels the same.
    July 26 at 3:13PM
    davey7865: I think that Songwriting > Performance > Recording Quality. But they're all going to play a major part in how people feel about your songs.
    July 29 at 6:44AM
    SueClayton: I have also noticed that some people give a low rating when they don't like a particular genre of music. No fair!
    July 30 at 12:25AM
    SueClayton: If we lived closer to each other I'd say let's get together and sing. I love singing harmony. I bet we'd sound great together! Maybe next time I pass thru Texas. My husband and I drove through there last March. Really loved it!
    August 16 at 3:20PM
    ckbesq: Well, Texas is a big state- you have to try to get near San Antonio or the hill country to be anywhere close to me, but I'd love to meet you and make some music. I don't have a real good ear for harmony. Occasionally I get it right, but being a solo artist I've pretty much only done melody! Love to hear harmony, though. Keep me posted on your travels.
    August 24 at 12:46AM
    SueClayton: Hi, We only did the top of the panhandle and down around El Paso, last March, but I'd love to see more of Texas. And if - no, when - we do get back there, on a vacation, we'll be free to go wherever we want ...So..... I'll sing the harmonies! Until then, shine on on FanMusic!
    August 25 at 12:46AM


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The Right Thing By You finished third in the contest "Love Song Music Contest"
March 17 at 12:08AM
All I Want For Christmas is You won the contest "Holiday Music Contest"
January 1 at 12:08AM
Wesley Kyle won the contest "Ballad Music"
December 6 at 12:08AM
Wesley Kyle won the contest "Ballad Music"
December 4 at 12:08AM
Unspeak the Words reached "Recognized" status.
October 28 at 2:07AM
Let the Spirit Guide You reached "Recognized" status.
October 26 at 10:07AM
The Touch of You reached "Recognized" status.
October 18 at 2:07AM
I've Got The Sun reached "Recognized" status.
October 8 at 2:07AM

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