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big bama

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Hard Life feat. Lokey Lex and Robbi

I am honestly not the best person to review your genre of music; however, I will give you my honest impression.
Your music was done quite well and the mixing and mastering was quite good as it did not take away from the vocals. In fact the tempo and beat was different from what I have heard in the hip hop/rap arena.
I liked the mix of the singing and the rap as it made it very interesting to listen to. There were a couple places I had difficulty making out the words but for the most part I could understand the lyrics. You sang the song in tune . The lyrics were good and both vocals were executed nicely. I liked the selection of sounded perfect for this song.
Great job!
Comment Written 16-Sep-2017 by Jimi Seven

Hard Life feat. Lokey Lex and Robbi

Everything about this mix is great, great use of synth samples, and vst instruments. Quality production and GQ mastering. The flow is great as well as the singing, The melodies fit the track very well. Keep them coming, Great work
Comment Written 16-Sep-2017 by threshold

original gangster

Awesome mix, good production and quality, nice melody, enjoyable listen overall. Keep up the great work
Comment Written 15-Sep-2017 by threshold

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