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i,m on down

It sounds good;well composed and well played;it's got what it takes to appeal to the general public;I wish you the best
Comment Written 26-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)

i,m on down

Really cool and upbeat song. This reminds me of something from the 80's. It could also be a disco song. That is not a bad thing. The rhythm is nice.

You did a great job on the melody and sang it quite well. This is certainly an expression of love.

Only thing I did not care for were the drums as they sounded rather tinny. But maybe that is all you had to use. That is a small thing.

Overall you did a very good job.
Comment Written 18-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven


well composed and well played;it sounds good no doubt;good rhythm;I couldn't find anything wrong;I wish you the best
Comment Written 09-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)


I liked the intro and how your other instruments came in. But then it became rather repetitious. Then you did come in with a short melody variation before repeating the 5 note run.
I did like the beat and feel of this. But it felt rather incomplete. What I mean is I would work to have a song that has a clear intro, clear end, and maybe a melody line that is distinct or a chorus. This can vary for sure. I did not hear a chorus. But I would recommend taking your 5 note melody line or arpeggio and expanding beyond bring it up a step on the last note or down on the last note. Take the line and expand the melody so it makes the composition even more interesting. After all, you want to keep the listener's attention and take them on a journey.
In this age of music where listeners can switch from one song to another so quickly, that is very important.
So I like what you have done but would like to hear you take it to the next level!
Comment Written 08-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

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