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Gone Sunday

good song for rap music. instrumentals were good. they seem
to fit the mood of the song. vocals were good. lyrics were
good. need to expand on them a little more. overall song
was well composed. keep up the good work.
Comment Written 16-Jan-2017 by teepeeme

I don't want... You

vocals were very good. instrumentals of the drum were good.
lyrics a little too repeat themselves too much. need too expand the lyrics more.
Comment Written 16-Jan-2017 by teepeeme Reviewed with blinders on.

I don't want... You

It sounds good no doubt;well played and well sang with good rhythm and good instrumentation;I wish you the best and good luck as well
Comment Written 15-Jan-2017 by Frankie(n) Reviewed with blinders on.

Gone Sunday

You have a very interesting style Faustio. I find your sound to be a bit like that of Jon Astley in both music and vocals. Your use of rhythm and the content of your music is very much like him. I find it interestingly refreshing. Uniqueness to me is a valuable trait and you definitely are a unique artist.

This is a nice piece and it sounds great. I do feel that you could probably develop your lyrics a bit more so as not to be so repetitive, however, to each his own and if you are satisfied then I'm sure there will be followers. My philosophy is that "I write music for me and IF you like it then that's fine". It's nice to see others taking the same approach with such great results.

Very nice track man.
Comment Written 10-Jan-2017 by Noah_Ohne

Gone Sunday

The rhythm sounds good and pleasurable to the listening mind and it was well played with good instrumentation;I couldn't find anything wrong with it
Comment Written 08-Jan-2017 by Frankie(n)


What a nice sounding song. It is pleasant to listen to and I love the live guitars and solos- nicely done. Vocals are very appropriate for this song. This song has a nice dated feel to it. It has that beautiful aura to it like the Hollies' "Too young to be married". Great job folks!
Comment Written 31-Dec-2016 by samasoni

We don't See Them

Cool tune! I loved it. Somehow the guitar made me think of Eric Johnson. I loved the subject. The only negative would be that the ending was a little sudden. I really like this. Loved the cats and dogs line. Nice job!
Comment Written 29-Dec-2016 by Scott Harvey

We don't See Them

I very much like the concept. I have breached it myself although from a somewhat different perspective. Your approach is very interesting and has a very pleasing sound. The guitar chord voicings sound layered, are very nice and have the sound of many of the progressive bands from earlier times.

This was a great idea in my opinion and applaud your composition. I found the listen smooth and very easy going.
Comment Written 29-Dec-2016 by Noah_Ohne

We don't See Them

Comment Written 26-Dec-2016 by Frankie(n)

Five minus fifteen plus thirteen.

The cover art is a delight to take a look at;the track sounds good for real and it's got the potential to appeal to different fans of different genre
Comment Written 24-Dec-2016 by Frankie(n)

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