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I'm Perfectly Fine

It sounds good and it has the capability to appeal to different fans of different genre;I wish you the best
Comment Written 05-Jan-2018 by Frankie(n)

Flood Waters are Rising

I really like the melody and the theme is timely. Your accent instrument in the background is unusual. You sang the song very well. Harmony was good also.

The instrumental break was cool. You did some creative things in the song that came in and out. they are subtle but added interest.

The texture was a little muddy or hazy if that makes sense, but not in a bad way. I believe it was intentional not a bad mix.

I like the song and the message. I get it!
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

Flood Waters are Rising

It sounds good,well composed and well sang as Blues song,I got confused at first when I saw you put it under the Soul/R&b category or genre
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)


It sounds good;well composed and well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best and good luck as well. Oh, sorry, that was a review I cut and really doesn't say on to my real review.
The words are direct and say it all on this song. The anger and fear are there. Maybe you could have personalized it more emotionally by sharing something an individual person felt, but still you communicated your message well.
Musically, I liked how you changed the pace in the different sections. The vocals were clear in spite of the volume and drive of the guitars. This is another nice song of yours!
Comment Written 03-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

Wayfaring Stranger

Well I could write a review like some of the others on this site where I say...this is good and you don't need to change anything, best of luck....I guess those "reviewers" must cut and paste all their so called reviews....
I liked the bluesy feel to this as it reminds me very much of traditional blues performed decades ago. This has a sad and honest story and music that works well with the "I'm going to meet my Maker" theme. The words are written well, I like the metaphors regarding going home to Jordan as it relates to dying.
Musically, you sang it very well. The bass stood out throughout and seemed to drive the song.My only suggestion is to use some EQ and compression to balance the sound and volume. But overall I believe you did a nice job!
Comment Written 03-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven


It sounds good;well composed and well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best and good luck as well
Comment Written 03-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)

Wayfaring Stranger

Well done;your rendition equally sounds good;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best in your endeavours/endeavors
Comment Written 03-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)

Gonna Get Away

I enjoyed the uniqueness of this peice, lyricly very interesting, vocals are very nicely down as well
Comment Written 16-Sep-2017 by threshold

Gonna Get Away

Love this Adrian - something of a mix between U2 and Jet. Definitely a market out there for this. Keep plugging it and keep making music like this. Seriously good.
Comment Written 16-Sep-2017 by DJ-MCMUSIC

Like A God Dam Animal

First, the bad (for me), I am not a fan of profanity or using God ****....but other than that, you did good job communicating the message lyrically. The music and your vocals were quite good.
I find your songs musically are really good, but if I do think if you were to bring out the music elements more distinctly it would make your songs even better. I can tell you spend a lot of time on your music. It shows and your are definitely very talented!
Comment Written 21-Aug-2017 by Jimi Seven

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