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Just To Be With You

air play
excellent changes
kenny g over-rated
excellent arrangement
i dont give a six easily
well well done

this is one of the best jazz-love songs i have ever listened too

Comment Written 23-Mar-2016 by bryan taylor

Annishinaabe's Gichiami

Hi mam, very nice lyrics and u moved song flexible, very nice voice, in future I m expecting more songs from u soon, super mam
keep rocking always, all the best for ur bright future
Comment Written 11-Mar-2016 by sowjimusic2

Spirit Wolf

Excellent rhythm pattern with the drums. Being a resident is AZ, I find this piece particularly interesting and I can very much relate to the flute, the melodies and the overall visual images that this piece evoke.

Your choice of instrumentation/synth patches is impeccable and I believe you have accurately capture the essence of the west in this piece.

Great work.
Comment Written 20-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Through the Wormhole

Excellent composition and usage of synthesizers. The synth patches are very fat and create a lush background for the more percussive parts of the music. This is great movie soundtrack material. The drum track is excellent and contribute significantly to the drive of this piece.

Great composition.
Comment Written 20-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Just To Be With You

Very nice. The sax melodies are great and really make this an easy track to listen to. The horn harmonies are very pleasing to the ear and contribute significantly to the appeal of the music. Yes, it is very reminiscent of Kenny G.

Beautiful piece.
Comment Written 20-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Annishinaabe's Gichiami

Very beautiful piece of music. The acoustic guitar provides a great foundation for the flute melody line, which is very memorable. I like that the string section is not over played and provides a lush texture the supports the scoustic guitar perfectly.

This is a wonderful piece.
Comment Written 16-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

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