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Leave Them Behind

Very nice vocals. The harmonies are excellent and the musical backing is very nice. The track has lots of R&B kinda feel and the groove is very good. The rap s rhythmic and the sound is unique.

Very nice.
Comment Written 21-May-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Leave Them Behind

Very inspirational and uplifting hook. I'm not sure if you did the hook and chorus lines but that's the strongest part to this track. Now don't mistaken what I'm saying because i think you have written some very focused lyrics. But I think that lyrically you need a little more practice. Just spit it over and over and over again until it is your brain. Then find that groove that will help you ride the beat that you have chosen. All styles can't be crossed. Unless you're at that level.I think you hear yourself differently than you are actually comigm off. I say this because this is a beautiful song with a strong message and I feel you should give it the respect it is do. You have the right idea, you just really have to believe that this is an art and that not everyone can JUST DO IT. If you believe that, then you will evaluate yourself and others better. We have to rise up to the microphone, instead of lowering it down to out exceptions. I raise my mic up so it makes me reach for the highest exception. Reach high young spirit and respect the mic as it shall respect you and you will find your true sound and gift. B Blessed & Cheers love Ps this song however is nothing to "leave behind".LOL Plus please focus on you transitions into a verse. You can do it love. Cheers and hit me if you need an ear, a pointer or just advice. I'm here for the art, NOT THE FAME.
Comment Written 04-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

Leave Them Behind

Very nice sounds. Relevant story to currrent times. Nice beat track, vocal arrangement works nicely. Has a "reggae rap" feel to a cool hip hop collaboration.
Comment Written 05-Jun-2015 by ManIn6

Leave Them Behind

you've got the talent and the future looks bright for you;your track or song has the potential to appeal to the general public
Comment Written 04-Jun-2015 by Frankie(n)

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