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Show me where to go

-lot has to be said for the lyrics in what I mean as they could be used in a way to enhance the music and that a bit more I think. The lyrics are also a little bit repetitive and if you are gone for that technique then you surely achieved it.
-The music is crisp and clear and definitely track fairly well.
Good luck in your future endeavors why enjoyed this one.
Comment Written 11-Dec-2015 by akkrys123

That crooked eye lie

it sounds good no doubt and as I said previously;try and make variations of how you compose your tracks so that it doesn't sound the same and become monotonous
Comment Written 08-Dec-2015 by Frankie(n)

That crooked eye lie

New way, it's nice song,good composing and production, beautiful voice, wishing you all the best.
Comment Written 08-Dec-2015 by Freedom

Got 2 be luv

Not my particular genre but it has to be said cool organ and nice timing on vocals overall good 2000 era song well done
Comment Written 07-Dec-2015 by 60sguru

Show me where to go

Very unique and definitive style. The rhythmic intro is a great opening. Musically this is an interesting track. I like the somewhat unstructured percussion track, it gives the song a feeling of 'jamming'. THe synth lines really add to the orchestrated chaos.

Very interesting.
Comment Written 07-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Show me where to go

Very nice song, very good composing and production, I like the rhythm. Voice and lyrics very good. Really very beautiful work. Wishing you all the best.
Comment Written 07-Dec-2015 by Freedom


Hello there artist.
I enjoyed your song and the music as well. I would have preferred to have been able to read the lyrics. Hope you will post them in the future. My best t you. LOyd
Comment Written 17-Nov-2015 by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr.

Be wit me

Very interesting track. Your style is very unique and identifiable. The deep voice is a nice addition to the music and the flute helps to accent the voice. I think the piano aids in the slightly jazzy feel of the track also.

Good job.
Comment Written 12-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Call me

This is what I like to refer to as 'swamp blues'. The low timbre of the male vocal fits this track in a great way. I thing the guitar riffs in the background are a very nice touch and it sounds like the guitarist is really doing so great stuff. The sounds effects (eg. machine gun, etc) are an interesting touch.

I think the music should be a little louder in the mix, and especially the lead guitar work. Other than that, this track has a lot of potential I think.
Comment Written 30-Oct-2015 by Noah_Ohne Reviewed with blinders on.

The wolf

Marsstars; I wish you the words sometimes I was unable to understand the words of your song. The rhythm and construction of the percussion like the music very much. Also it kept cutting in and out in the beginning. Only for a second. This song is really excellent for Halloween.
I did enjoy it very much and wish your vocals were more pronounced. Thanks for sharing and posting and may the good Lord be with you always.
Comment Written 30-Oct-2015 by akkrys123

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