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bryan taylor

New All

It sounds good;well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best and the good luck that we all need
Comment Written 18-Dec-2017 by Frankie(n)

she's in wales-revised

Good one! One thing -- underwear, not ware -- sorry, more of a writer editor then music one. :P But I do love the guitar and upbeat of this tune.
Comment Written 14-Dec-2017 by rasmine

she's in wales-revised

Brian; you sure can play a mean guitar. I mean you could wail with the best of them. It's just fantastic how well you can perform and still keep it together good luck in your future endeavors and may you always be spiritually creative.
PS: may you have a happy Christmas
Comment Written 11-Dec-2017 by akkrys123

she's in wales-revised

It sounds good;well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;sometimes the extra thing needed is the good luck that we all need
Comment Written 11-Dec-2017 by Frankie(n)

Dance Major-2

Got it! You are rocking away here. This is really good, I'm just wondering if you get gigs -- and I have a question. If we go to videos with Flower Power would you be willing to do the music? It may be a lot of videos cause I'm writing a lot -- not putting them on FanStory right now because of my failing computer, but will once I get a new one. I gave Mark another script so maybe it will be done soon. he is very busy working. Hopefully, this will be work instead of what he is doing.
Comment Written 25-Nov-2017 by rasmine

Dance Major

Great lyrics. I just need to find a way to play it. I did before so I know I can now, but they should put it on here where we review.
I hope this finds you well. Happy Belated Thanksgiving. :D
Comment Written 25-Nov-2017 by rasmine

Dance Major-2

nicely composed;nice groove;it sounds nice and cool to the listening mind;good instrumentation;I wish you the best
Comment Written 24-Nov-2017 by Frankie(n)

A Nasty Habit

Very good beat, one of the best I heard!! Is that you on the drums too? I hope everything is going well for you.
Have a great weekend! :) Ending is great.
Comment Written 13-Oct-2017 by rasmine

A Nasty Habit

nice and cool track;it sounds good to the listening mind;I couldn't find anything wrong;all the best in your endeavors
Comment Written 11-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)

A Spanish Kind of Feeling

Great beat and rhythm. I'm not the best at reviewing music -- just know what I like. This is upbeat and happy. Do you play to someone singing ever?
Comment Written 07-Oct-2017 by rasmine

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