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Edward Schaffer

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Symphony #22, 4th Movement
Chapter 4 of the book collection Symphony #22, Op 236

The harp opening really grabs your attention. The string arrangement is perfect for this track. I like the re-occurrence of the harp at other points in the track. It actually seems to put the focus on that rather than the string arrangement.

This isn't a flaw, but I think that in the mix, a bit of wide stereo panning would greatly enhance the auditory sense of 'being there' if you know what I mean.

The work is excellent.
Comment Written 17-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Symphony #53, 3rd Movement

Love the timpani opening, it is very authentic and sounds excellent. I love the blend of pizzicato strings with the bowed one's. It makes for a very powerful string line and the brass on top is an excellent touch. The combination of plucked and bowed strings sounds almost like a wave sequence. Overall, the arrangement very dynamic and believable. The bell in the middle is a nice divergence and adds to the orchestral feel immensely. The modal changes are very nice indeed.

Your choice of instrumentation is excellent. This is an extremely good piece of work.
Comment Written 17-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Quiet Night

The first thing that struck me was the authenticity of the sax sound. You can almost hear the breath at the beginning of each note. The melody being played is very good and reminiscent of the sax players that used to play on the streets of Chicago or in the subway system there. The chord foundation lays a very quiet texture for the sax melody.

This is a very relaxing track.

Good job.
Comment Written 17-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Rings in the Sky

Beautiful piece. The string arrangement is very good and with the visual image of residents on Enceladus, it couldn't be more fitting. When the 'voice' like instrument enters, it becomes even more fitting due to the haunting nature of the voice sound.

At points in the track, the recording seems to suffer from some sort of glitch and it is noticeable. I would try and find the source of that because it does affect the sonic quality.

Very good.
Comment Written 17-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Violin Sonata - I. Allegro

Very playful tune. I love the interplay of the piano and strings. The string arrangement would be very interesting standalone, but with the added piano, it is really well supported.

Very nice piece.
Comment Written 16-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Dialog of the Muses

Well done. I love to hear good orchestral arrangements and this one is very moving. The story sets a nice mental picture which the music fills in the color for.

Very interesting conceptually.
Comment Written 16-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

The Grizzly Bear, Op 74

It is often good to know what an artist had in mind when one hears an instrumental piece of this quality. with the description given, it becomes easier to understand how the concept fits the music. This is a great soundtrack for the image of bears hunting for a meal in a stream running through a forest.

The choice of instrumentation is excellent and the string arrangement is beautiful. The bassoon is a great choice to represent the bear and likewise, the harp for water. Altogether, very picturesque.

Great composition.

Comment Written 13-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Flute Concerto, I. Allegro

Beautiful. This is a flute concerto that should bring lots of attention to the composer and the piece. You've done an amazing job in this track. I love the various moods it relays. The usage of strings, especially the pizzicato string parts are excellent.

I think I'll listen again. This is great music.
Comment Written 13-Nov-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Inflammable October, Op 113

Hello there artist friend.
This was well put together, very relaxing and enjoyable. It does make a great impressions. My best to you. Loyd
Comment Written 03-Nov-2015 by Loyd C. Taylor, Sr. Reviewed with blinders on.

Inflammable October, Op 113

Hey there this is a very well structured piece, love the consistency of your flow.. it shows great control and training. I quite enjoyed this, though I wasn't sure if it was truly played or electrical.. Just because it seems rather flawless in it's efforts. And as a fellow horn player, you tend to hear some breaks or fades or mid pushes.. But this is good regardless. Cheers
Comment Written 02-Nov-2015 by Kakalaki Kid Reviewed with blinders on.

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