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Rappa.tek - tha music

Very nice music, the progression and changes sound really good. The rap is very well done and the timber of the vocalist cuts thru the mix nicely. Sounds like you are telling a nice story. You should have posted the lyrics.

The recording and mix are both excellent.
Comment Written 17-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Rappa.tek - tha music

it sounds good no doubt;i couldn't find anything wrong with it and i believe that the general public might embrace it;all the best
Comment Written 06-Oct-2014 by Frankie(n)

Rappa.tek - tha music

This is really professional work. You had a great mix of sounds and the vocals showed terrific control. There was nice interplay between the voices which kept the energy of the piece going. I enjoyed listening...
Comment Written 06-Oct-2014 by Wallace

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