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Miracle on your way by kachi purple

The music is very nice and the progression sounds and feels good. The changes are sufficient to keep the piece interesting. I like the theme and the lyrics are a great start, but I feel the lyrics would have been developed more to tell a complete story.

Very nice recording and mix. Sounds very professional.
Comment Written 17-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Miracle on your way by kachi purple

Nice upbeat praise song. Lyrics are repetitive but they work well. The vocals and music are very tight. The vocals are a little strong and distorted. Might consider a little production work.
Comment Written 13-Aug-2014 by Rick Reynolds

Miracle on your way by kachi purple

it sounds good;and you sang with passion to an equally good rhythm or beat and it has the potential to make people feel it;all the best
Comment Written 24-Jul-2014 by Frankie(n)

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