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Chapter 2 of the book collection BAD GIRLS

ye this is good i gave it a 5 star because it all is perfect in singing playing and the lyrics it's kind of like something that gets you thinking it is well oranges in very grate way expessioly the music it wants you to listen to it but the singing and lyrics are not far behind the grate talent of the music this is my opinion you deserve a 5 star well done this song reminds me of people good friends going through the similar or same thing in relating to the message you wrote about the drugs things i myself do not use but i know many who do and understand that they can even rob you for drugs even you own friends but understand the addict that it is not nesesery that they are the problem no it is the drugs in JESUS CHRIST we prayed for many many were treated straight to today which shows there true color that they are decent people and before this it was the drugs getting them to do wrongs the police law should consider to understand that these people on drugs are addicts addicts are ill they do not need jail sentence they need proper help if they want to arrest someone try arresting the pushers who sell it to kill victims that use and get them to rob for drugs so as then i tell you this so everyone can read and have hope JESUS PROVIDES THE WAY if you all like to pray we pray he JESUS WILL prays for everyone and just sit back and see the AMAZING THINGS done by him even today
Comment Written 21-Jul-2014 by Themistoklis

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