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OF You

Very nice. production. Nice voice. I'd like to hear a more catchy hook for this. Verses were spot on. The chorus sounds too much like the verse to really be a chorus. I like the use of the woahs, that part is really hooky.

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Comment Written 20-Apr-2014 by Starbucksguy

OF You

Great stuff.
I really like this song. This is a real good handmade song.
This is what I want to hear at this page.
Thank you.
Comment Written 31-Jan-2014 by Howie

OF You

Wow, what can I say except this is a class act! Superb performance, recording and just about anything else you can think of. Your music style and sound is very reminiscent of Nickleback, a favorite of mine. I'm not surprised you won the contest, pretty near impossible to beat I'd say. Well done!

Best wishes...Kerri
Comment Written 14-Jan-2014 by Kerri Powles

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