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Empty Highway

Very nice 60's style progression. This is very reminiscent os a lot of the bands from the mid to late 60's period. The feel and overall style of the music is very reminiscent of that period. The acoustic guitar sounds nice in this one and is nicely recorded.

The lyrics are well written and nicely presented in by the vocals.
Comment Written 22-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

A State of Peace

Very nice intro. This definitely relays images of winter scenes and cold weather. The cello serves as a nice center with the very low line. The melody is very good and gives the progression a feeling of being out on a very wintery day.

very nice
Comment Written 22-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Out On The Town

Excellent feel and the sound is a bit reminiscent of the Grateful Dead. The progression is nice and the lyrics are good and well sung by the vocalist. The timbre of the vocalist voice is very well suited to this piece and give is a well rounded sound.

Very good work
Comment Written 22-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Stray Cat

The acoustic rendition is very nice. I like the lyrics and the vocal delivery. This song is very reminiscent of The Grateful Dead. Excellent feel and the guitar solo really fits the piece well.

This would have been really nice with a full band and probably even more "Dead" like.

Excellent piece.
Comment Written 26-Jan-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Drifting Snow

Great guitar sound. The composition is very good and the voice is excellent on this one. I like the change in the chorus, it flows well with the rest of the track.

Very good recording.
Comment Written 20-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne


Nice piece. The guitars are recorded very well and sound great together. The melody riff is really good and the clean guitar sound is excellent.

Good work.
Comment Written 20-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne

Dead Fences

Good track, and it is very Dead like. I think the lyrics are good and tell a story that's entertaining. The chord progression is good and flows very well.

I did notice a lot of low frequency rumble. Maybe noise around the mic.

Very good track.
Comment Written 20-Dec-2015 by Noah_Ohne

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