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Cry Again

Very nice song, good progression.

You have a really excellent voice with a timbre that is memorable and has some very unique characteristics. You sound very good in the mix.

The music is very well done. The arrangement is nice with changes that flow well. Your instrumentation is well selected for the piece and gives the vocal lots of 'space'.

I think thing is extremely good.
Comment Written 13-Mar-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Cruel World

Really nice approach and a great feel.

The vocal is excellent and the singer has a really nice timbre. Your voice is very memorable and identifiable witch from my perspective is an excellent trait.

The music is well written and has a somewhat unique style. Very nice! Although there are few instruments in the composition, it's not really missed much because the vocal fills the mix nicely. The addition of the very resonant low end synth after the chorus towards the end is nice and very noticed.

The recording is good and the mix has a great sound. Very well done.
Comment Written 13-Mar-2016 by Noah_Ohne

The First Noel

This is a very nice rendition of The First Noel. The vocal is very good; the timbre of the singers voice is pleasing. The harmonies are very good.

The acoustic instrument performance is very nice and a suitable background for the vocal. The acoustic bass is a nice touch.

The recording and mix are nicely done and sound very professional.
Comment Written 13-Mar-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Cruel World

G'day. Yeah, I like this one too! Nice intro and great vocals, mister. Sounds like you have a good handle on that Garageband; making some good stuff as what I have heard so far. Only one thing ... I am a bit of a lyricist so could you post the lyrics. Good strong backing track and a well thought out song. Love to hear this with a real full band. Well done; Keep writing.
Comment Written 24-Dec-2013 by Ray Brookes

Cruel World

Nice left hand piano! The sound is good and the arrangements well done! The composition is nice too. If you permit me a sugestion: I'll do this song less electronic! That's just an opinion. Anyway the song is nice like this too! Congratulations!
Comment Written 23-Dec-2013 by Ionut Mirel Udrea

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