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Clouds In A Meadow

This is a very nice track. The vocal sounds good with the solo guitar. The vocal harmonies are very good and the softer approach is very nice. The change near the middle to a bit more up tempo rhythm is nice and provides a nice mood change in the music.

The only problem I found was the out of tune guitar.

Please tune before recording.
Comment Written 21-May-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Clouds In A Meadow

Beautiful easy listening. Nice guitar picking and excellent vocals. I like the lyrics are very meaningful.There are good change up throughout the song.
Comment Written 26-Mar-2016 by Eric Grow

Clouds In A Meadow

Dang it mate this bloody song is so dag on hard to judge. At moments it's a 5, like that intro. But then it vocal starts out and rides at about a 3, but the lyrics help elevate it to a 4 and with those brilliant overlayed chorus type chords were just enough to say dang this could be a 5. And the musical composure way very soft and consistently true. i enjoyed its and I love that play out at the end. This song is a winner, but I personally feel it need your extra attention and more confidence in your vocals. But this is no negative, I say this to help only, I would say the same thing if we were face to face in the studio. Except I'd tell you to BRING IT DUDE!! You sung to the mic, you just need to find it in you to sing to us through the loving of the mic as it channels your vocal desires. Cheers mate
Comment Written 06-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

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