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apologize by hamxonic jive

Really nice! I would like it if you printed the lyrics, but they were easy to understand and very good. All was very good - vocals, guitar and other instrumentation. I would have liked to hear the bass and drums kick in eventually, but it certainly works the way it is and might be preferable. I enjoyed this.
Comment Written 05-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

atmosphere by hamxonic jive

Duuudeee, you're a really good song writer! Love the melodies you come up with and the lyrics. Whoever listens to them can tell that they're very personal to you and that it's a reflection of what you feel.

Hope you make it big someday but until then, keep pushing'll be completely worth it! :)
Comment Written 04-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

atmosphere by hamxonic jive

Good song with a pleasant Indigo Girls sound going on here. I did notice a glitch at 2:14 where you must have change at the end of a measure. Very nice!
Comment Written 06-Jan-2014 by Dustybones

atmosphere by hamxonic jive

Great song overall. Not a big fan of the synth sound. Piano in the background would be awesome. Keep up the great work!
Comment Written 09-Oct-2013 by Lindsay Rae Alward

atmosphere by hamxonic jive

Yes very good. Good voice and nice harmonies and I like the subtle reverb on the voice. I felt it would have been better without the background keyboard. Better with just guitar IMHO, but that is just a minor criticism. Keep up the good work.
Comment Written 09-Oct-2013 by RonD

atmosphere by hamxonic jive

Very contemporary sound. May be the best track I have heard on FanMusic. It looks all good for you. :-)
Comment Written 08-Oct-2013 by dbsoares

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