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odo adaadame

The up tempo feel of the progression is very good and creates a very uplifting piece of music. The vocals are superb and the rap portions are pleasingly rhythmic. The harmonies are nice and the Autotune effect is tastefully used.

Very nice job.
Comment Written 19-May-2016 by Noah_Ohne

odo adaadame

good buddy and keep it up. Your music is very good and the beats are very catchy but of course the music itself shows that you are an african and i really like it. In fact i am a percussionist too and i play around 14 different types of instruments. I am not that big a musician and just trying to become one:) all the best and keep it up:)
Comment Written 08-Sep-2013 by balajiram

odo adaadame

Kab 2,

You have a nice voice for this style of music. I like the techno style and language. I would like to know what your title means.

Comment Written 07-Sep-2013 by samandlancelot

odo adaadame

You did a pretty good job on this song. It's not the type of music I'm used to reviewing, as we mostly do gospel and country. But it had a good feel to it and like the beat..
Comment Written 07-Sep-2013 by songbyrd Reviewed with blinders on.

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