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The Madness

This has a unique and different sound that I really thought was a surprise. Different from other music I have heard and creative.

I liked the change of pace...unusual bass line for sure.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven


Loved it a lot. It was not well mastered as it sounded a little off. The bass was a litle too strong so it starts clipping but overall excellent and lots of potential.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

Becoming Lucid

I really liked this...your melody was nice and played beautifully!

Nice song,I liked the melodic piano very much.The song sounds a little sad but overall very good.Keep up the good work in the future.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

The River Song

Very gentle and relaxing, I kept expecting a second melody to overlap or come in somewhere, some very soft deep strings in the background might have been nice to, but on balance I thought this was very pretty. Really liked the sound of the water.

It certainly takes you to the river!
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

Dark Magic

This is an amazing piece of mastered it in how you played it and mixed it!

Nothing wrong at al with "short but sweet". This is a very tastefully done piece and nicely orchestrated. The synth patches are superb. The violins and bells are superbly crisp and clear.

Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

Tribal Motion

Again, you did a great job of creating something very new and different, grabbing my attention from the start!

The panning is excellent. It's a very open sound that is very appealing through headphones or monitors. The dynamics are very good and the synth patches are real attention getters the way that you've used them.

Very creative piece.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

The Vertical Traveler

Very unusual track but is really nice! I love your use of changing tempo and counter melody!

This track has a somewhat Eastern sound and feel, probably because of the Koto like sound. I think the progression is very creative, the melodies lines very complimentary and the sound intriguing.

It's a bit reminiscent of some of the work of Kitaro and Synergy.

Excellent work.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

The Mountains Are Spinning

I really liked this style and choice of synths...very unusual and refreshing!

Very interesting instrumental. I think the double time rhythm section sounds very cool and keeps this piece very lively. The keyboard patches are very nice and the melody line is very catchy. I liked how it threaded through the song!
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven


If that piano isn't real, it's an incredibly good sample/synth. The sound is much like a 100 year old upright that my grandfather had.

This is a very good piece and the sound of that particular piano gives this a very attractive sound. The synth melody is very fitting and creates a sort of creepy mood.

Very nicely done.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven


This has a haunting quality to it...very unusual!

Great piano piece. I consider this one rather simplistic, but extremely good. The mood it sets is pleasurable and very appealing. I am also one that believes that not all music needs to be intricate or complicated to be good. Sometimes less is more and this piece proves it.
Comment Written 10-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven

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