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B-Mazin' Homie Love

you have the potential to be great in the future;even though you are still young you've got the skills to rap,i wish you the best
Comment Written 14-Apr-2013 by Frankie(n)

B-Mazin' Homie Love

nice piano and pretty clear vocals. The violins are pretty good. You`ve got some nice sounds and the music moves in some good directions. I would say you need to rap with a little more force behind your voice. A little more anger. good effort though
Comment Written 10-Apr-2013 by smithowain Reviewed with blinders on.

B-Mazin' Homie Love

Very nicely done. Your mix is amazing. I love what you did with this song. It's definately sad. You did a great job with this. Your rapping is fantastic. Well done.
Comment Written 08-Apr-2013 by Cannibal Reviewed with blinders on.

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