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Dont worry child

I wish I could find fault with this. I'm so jealous. It's beautiful. Don't change a thing. Great vocals and the guitar is perfect and doesn't get in the way. Your voice reminds me of Obadiah Parker at times - you can find him on youtube. Really nice. Too good. Stop it!
Comment Written 16-Feb-2016 by Scott Harvey

Dont worry child

Excellent voice. You have a great range and obviously know how to use it. The vocal in this track is superb and really sounds great with the acoustic guitar.

The music if very good and arranged nicely. The recording is excellent.
Comment Written 16-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Dont worry child

This is a really nice song. It's quite touching, with a lot of heart and soul; and it's mixed exceptionally well. It's also rather unique; and if you've ever listened to my music, you'll know that I prefer music which sounds very unique. Very nice job.
Comment Written 18-Feb-2013 by sizemore0409

Dont worry child

love his voice-very emotional. It sounds like he releasing alot of pain. The guitar is hard to hear but he could sing it acapella and it would be just as good.
Comment Written 17-Feb-2013 by karofrench

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