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He used to do no wrong..

To begin, you have a beautiful voice. The progression you are playing is very nice. The acoustic approach really gives your voice room to stand out. The only thing I noticed about this track is the excessive amount of reverb on the vocals.
Comment Written 31-Aug-2016 by Noah_Ohne

I Want You (Yes, I do!)

Another well played well constructed composition. The chorus could be better match and integrated, but the lyrics are wonderful. I'm a sucker for be honest that what makes those of use better than we could ever imagine. You give into your talent and just let it flow. it is clear that you have a great supportive family and for that along i am proud. I pray you stay with it and push age out of your mind.. The most treasured and cherished things throughout history as human beings has always been the admiration of the beauty of age. Such as the fact that the most treasured, and valued treasured to ever be cherished by human kind still remains the "Antique" I myself am an antique.. But I can still be the most impactual thing or event to every enter in to a persons world. Age educates and matures like that f a vine wine. (i don't drink lol) The people may like a Cola or some energy drink.. but they will always savior the craving, desire and experience of a perfectly aged wine. and they can drink milk til they are 8 feet tall, they will only get calcium..but be patient and that same milk could make cheese of all types. The wonders of age shall never cease to amaze me. Just like each track of yours. They seemed to take me on a wondrous journey of love, faith and family. Will expressing the bond of a truly God felt family. be blessed and keep your head high.. To me you have success, I would do anything to feel the love of my kids and my country. Instead i feel the cold pains of my inability to unite his people for the purpose i was meant for. You works have blessed my day and my life. i thank you and hold you dear.
Dr. Michael J. Lacewell O.C.G.P. Aka Kakalaki Kid.
I only give my true name to the truly talented. This way they know I mean what i say from the heart.
Music is meant to be felt from the essence of that feeling, therefore transgressing into the progression non as a melody. And that melody is like the Bible (God's Words) they ones that the good book is impervious to. Be cross borders and mend the brokest of shattered hearts. We are the voices of a belittle world and the emotions of those forgotten by lust. The beauty of it is, that if we just do as HE instructs, then we shall be heard. A solo voice is a silent voice. A voice without a purpose is a voice to be ignored. A voice without a cause is a voice amongst itself. A voice is just that..the presupus to our vocal beginnings and endings. You have been touched..continue to touch others with your Gift and with each new fan you gain, you shall feel his rebirth within. No other feeling in the world can rejuvenate a person like that. I hope I have rejuvenated you as i was meant to. Stay blessed and forfilled. Cheers from one
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

The best is yet to come

The song it self did not make me cry but the reading of the words did. it reminded me of what i have said to my love for so many years. This is a powerful powerful song. I was amazed. This needs no explanation and no beautification of words. the song itself did all of that for me. All i can say is, you should be in country.. i respect other genres, but the ones who truly belong in country never seem to want to be called that. i am proud to be Country. I maybe skilled at may other genres and arts, but my love for country sets it apart. you have a gift.. i pray it continues to flourish. And remember age is for the young to consider. Time is our master and yet we can learn to master our own time within that time. I believe you are at your presupus of your career and with the right song on the right station at the right time of need you could truly be heard. I know this.
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

This is Forever

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT..OMG if you heard any of my songs you would be like "no wonder he loves my stuff" .. It's like if i was to make an female artist from home, you would be her. If God didn't mean for me to find you then the Devil is a lie. I promise you this, if you ever get in contact with me, I will change your world musical FOREVER!! I won't bore you anymore with my yammering, but I will say this love.. I pray this is forever. The cause needs an artist like you and of you caliber.
on another note.. brilliant hook, soft chorus lines and brilliantly structured composition.. SUPER CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL!! need I say more lol.. Love it
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

Only Love!

I give this a four not because of the song it itself, but due to that quality that you have to push thru to hear it. if you can't kill that stream, just add an extra midi of sound. Like an overlay of rain or wind. A storm would be great for a song like this.. But yet you could also midi another composition into the track. Like adding the instrumental that you created upon the finished copy of this copy. And it will belittle the static for the push of the combined efforts of the melodies. But this is just my way to help, it's only rudeness intended. Cheers and another great song.. i'ma fan..just can't add you til tomorrow..
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

Solitude and I

I can't quite place it, its that an electronic keyboard or a small organ used to play this melody? I love the lyrics and I think that the maracas are very well placed. Your harmonic tone is soo soft, it reminds me of what people say about my style. Odd but soo true. But you really do have this very harmonic voice tone and you use it lovely. I enjoyed this one, kind of a vacation paradise type vibe.. That hook is very creative, and unexpected. Great job.. Gotta say Good bye
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

You Are Loved!

I think this very folk songish..that's a good think..I like the harmonic bridges. Is that just you or did your daughters help? Your verse was beautiful and direct. But what i enjoyed the most was the was that you changed your vocal tone for this track. Very diverse and lovely. You making me miss home. i really should go need to die here in America. Cancer is painful, but this American music indusrty has been more consistant in it's heartbreak. They would rather take your song and give it to the same ol same ol's rather than give the people a chance to hear you yourself on that same track that they think is a hit. if it's a hit for their artist and your wrote it and composed it, then shouldn't it stand to reason that it should do just as well if not better from it's original creator. America is odd. i however am rather accomplished over here but still you make me miss home soooooooo bad. Thnks love and cheers to you and your. You would truly make Sir Tom proud of these tracks you have post. The UK is well represented through you love. Please keep up the originality and freedom. Never give up your accent and never give away you.. :} PS I have a foundation called "The SMS Project" (Sick Musical Souls) it focuses on the fact that just because we're dying doesn't mean we don't count. God's gift can never be taken, nor can it be silenced. if you are interested in supporting this cause please get back to me. We/I require NO money for your support. We just need artist to inform people and to maybe write/share a song of loss or illness with us. There is a lot more, but this is about you and i am proud to say that. and proud to have found you as and artist and fellow countrymen.. Cheers BTW I think the people that care for this project would love a voice and style like yours.
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

It's Friday Night!

It's funny, but i feel like i have always been a fan of yours. this song and your voices just comes off so familiar and comforting. i think you don't need the echo to that intensity.. but I do love the rifting of it. and your lyrics are so enjoyable.. great job love..Great
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid


This is a very beautiful song. it is structured well and has a great melody. The key play was very melodic and on a constantly skill level of perfection. It was a brilliant peace to hear played. I really enjoyed your vocal carriages and harmonic tones. This song is sung wondrously gentle and elegantly soft. A truly great piece. It sucks you in with that key into and hold on tight with a soft caress. cheer love
Comment Written 09-Aug-2015 by Kakalaki Kid

I Want You (Yes, I do!)

Nice rhythm. Nice voice which has potential with some practice. Music is a little bit monotonic in relation to the happy mood of the rhythm. A more detail remixing would gie this song a real presence.
Comment Written 04-Dec-2013 by Nicos Antoniades Reviewed with blinders on.

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