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Paco Reth

New All
You gonna set this town on fire

Very nice piece. The progression is very good and the mood of the piece is interesting for a song about a relationship. The vocal is unique in it's presentation and the delivery is memorable.

The recording is excellent and very clean sounding.
Comment Written 18-May-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Got to do it

The horns are very good. Nicely used and well orchestrated. The funk abounds in this one and sets a groove that makes one want to get up and move.

The guitar sound great, the tone is excellent and the performance really enhances the overall sound of the track. Your guitar style and technique are superbly good.

Great progression, recording and mix.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Losing my senses

Fantastic slow groove going on here.

This is definitely late nite with your honey kinda music. The groove is excellent and feels very good.

I think the vocal is excellent and without a doubt, carries the track well. The lyrics are well written and in the context of your music, couldn't have been done better in my opinion. You nailed it!
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Don't make me waste my time

This piece is very interesting rhythmically and very reminiscent of the New Orleans, LA part of the country. The groove is excellent and the vocal slightly reminiscent of Scatchmo. Great sound.

Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Funky Junky

If you've ever seen the movie Superfly, this would be perfect in the soundtrack. The funky groove is very good and the vocals are superb.

The lyrics are well written and presented well in your vocal styling. Your voice is very good your range is nice. You sound good in the mix.

Superb composition.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

We all have a place to live

The record noise in at the onset is a very nice touch.

This track is a bit more rocky than your usual sound and it's very good and interesting. The progression is extremely good and is interesting to hear rock done with a little taste and style versus the usual stuff.

Your voice is very good and can work in a wide variety of situations. The lyrics for this track are very well written and presented superbly in your vocal style.

Sonar does a great job. I know because I am a long time Cakewalk/Sonar user and I think it's probably the best on the market, even better than Pro Tools.

Great music Paco.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Do this don't do that !

Great lyrics that tell a life story that many can relate to. It seems that this is the sentiment of many.

The groove is very good and the instrumentation kicks. The smooth groove and the raspy vocal are a great combination and the music actually makes the vocal more noticeable.

The music is excellent and a great compliment to your voice. It sounds as if you have found a niche'.

Great work.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Nothing will be changed

Great intro. The vocals are not too much and they sound great. You have a very good voice with a nice range that has some interesting and memorable characteristics.

This piece is jazzy and soulful at the same time. Great combination if technique and feel. The guitar solo is very good and the tonal qualities fit nicely in the mix.

Again, the vocal sounds great. It's powerful, unique and memorable. Very tastefully done.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Take from me

Interesting blend of jazz and DJ techniques. The feel is incredible and progression impeccable. The vocal style is very impressive, unique and fun to listen to.

The music is very funky and has great commercial appeal in some respects (as commercial as jazz of this caliber gets anyway :-) )

This is a very creative piece and a pleasure to listen to.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Our life is virtual

Very nice groove. You've got a very unique sound going on here and it is good, very good! I like the vocal style. It's smooth, memorable and your range is impressive.

The overall sound of this piece is superb. It has elements of Gentle Giant, and a number of other more progressive bands that are now gone.

The harmonies both instrumentally and vocally are great and some of the interplay is pleasing to hear in today's music.

Fantastic track.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

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