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the ocean floor

I like your piano that you played. Strange formation. It is listinable without adding other instruments. Good work man.
Comment Written 18-Apr-2012 by Aung Du

the ocean floor

Nice change from what I have been hearing. Looks like you're playing live! If you had a sequencer, you could quantize your notes and the timing would be a lot smoother. But very nice attempt at doing something more of an improvisation. Lots of nice changes. Your only problem is the tempo. Very good attempt !
Comment Written 18-Apr-2012 by Tobytune

out of the darkness

not really my kind of music,but what am trying too do,is too see if i have an ear,for good music,and i think people will like this,and who knows,i might win that 100 dollor,and get a good recording of mine posted
Comment Written 17-Apr-2012 by justdavida


nice beat good tempo i am loving the track need to hear more from you got that classical like feel i am loving it
Comment Written 11-Apr-2012 by polodonred


Song is good. Performance is very nice. Something fresh sounds there. Not a standard tune. Keep it on briangrant.
Comment Written 11-Apr-2012 by datka98

Angel(Shine your light on me)

Very nice song. Very good vocal. Very nice lyrics. Guitar sounds the way I love. Good old times... Keep it on briangrant
Comment Written 07-Apr-2012 by datka98

Angel(Shine your light on me)

I like the melody but not the recording. This has an uplifting feel due to the lyrics but something still seems lacking somehow.A bit repetitive in the chorus. I get the point. Maybe a bridge would help.
Comment Written 07-Apr-2012 by Rob Rideout

out of the darkness

Nice sounding but I feel it could flow more, instead of sounding kind of choppy; please excuse that word but I just feel it all could somehow be a bit more soothing.
Comment Written 01-Apr-2012 by Rob Rideout

out of the darkness

awesome tune. will it be a full production song or just a solo piece? overall i really think this tune has tons of potential. good work
Comment Written 01-Apr-2012 by Tanis York

Only God Really Knows

Interesting tune. The guitar is abit overpowering at Times. The vocals can be a little less. Maybe just look at mixing the different sounds to improve the balance of instrument to vocal. Otherwise Lyrics are good, Vocal performance is average but, a good voice for the song. Nice Work
Comment Written 31-Mar-2012 by Eon Mallett

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