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The Happy Song

Very beautiful song, I like it a lot! I wish I had learned piano from someone who improvises, I would have loved it I'm sure. Nice, keep it! dazeofgrace
Comment Written 21-Mar-2013 by Dazeofgrace

The Happy Song

You're a very talented pianist, it's why i follow your work ! We feel a great sensibility. The harmony is great. Good job !
Comment Written 20-Mar-2013 by Fgo70

The Happy Song

Very vivid and touching. You did a very good job at connecting to the listener emotionally but not in such a depressing way as many other Pianists do. Kudos!
Comment Written 19-Mar-2013 by Austerlitzer

The Happy Song

good morning,
what a lovely music,wow i appreciate your work,how do u composed different notes,wonderful,keep it up,i liked the way u composed,
all the best.
take care.
Comment Written 19-Mar-2013 by sowjicse58


Nicely done. Enjoy it. The melody sounds great towards the middle. It's definitely very creative and well mixed.
Comment Written 04-Nov-2012 by Aztec

A Winter Garden

Beautifully delicate and classical at the very same time, you have not ventured too far from your training! Love the few moments where your heart comes through over the structure. Those moments are the best for me,,,, JON
Comment Written 24-Oct-2012 by JonCSebastian


Well played and recorded song. Took a little while to get going. Everything sounds very clean and professional. Great job!
Comment Written 11-Oct-2012 by kettlerush

A Winter Garden

This piano piece has a really good sound quality and a great potential. Very easy listening and professionally recorded.
Comment Written 28-Sep-2012 by Eden


Lovely piece, enchanting may may not be the right word, but it's about as close as I think I can get in English. The ending sounded rather abrupt, like a swift coming back to earth. Bordering on the ethereal(especially with that cello) and really giving a flying, gliding, if not exactly lifting sensation. Too... almost melancholy for that, but I like it that way, too much "bounce?" would ruin it. Am looking forward to your next posting.
Comment Written 21-Sep-2012 by philomena

The House

Standing ovation!! Wonderful performance as well as amazing piece, though I am sure you have already been told that. Very evoative of old memories and searching, you've once again made a gorgeous musical picture. Definitely my favorite.
Comment Written 21-Sep-2012 by philomena

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