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Rick's Medley

It's good to set a high standard for yourself;you've got the skills and the talent to make it happen;I wish you the best
Comment Written 03-Nov-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 04-Nov-2017
    that is a great review for this song. I spent a great deal of time writing this song. I appreciate you listening as I hope this may be a hit!

My Lady From Singapore

Well composed and well played;good rhythm ;it's got what it takes to appeal to the fans of different genre;even without lyrics,it still's got the vibe to rock
Comment Written 31-Oct-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 31-Oct-2017
    Thanks, It does have lyrics but they are subliminal and are meant to make you happy!

My Lady From Singapore

The guitar work is very good, nice song and structure, I really like mixing, sounds very well done, the production of this track is very nicely done, the guitar solo is performed excellently and is interesting how the distortions are switched back forth, I can see why it got #1, good luck in your future
Comment Written 30-Oct-2017 by compresser69
reply by the author on 31-Oct-2017
    Well thanks but not really good but I do my best, I think you are I are the best this site has to offer. I hope you agree!

A Fine Day to Play Some Tennis

Nice track;it sounds good;i couldn't find anything wrong with it;i wish you the best and good luck as well
Comment Written 05-Sep-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 31-Oct-2017
    Well there are several things wrong with it, Mainly I lost the tennis match I played that day and it caused tennis elbow which caused my playing to not be very good. But I did the best I could. Do you play tennis? If so, let's get together cause I've got some balls and a racket or two.

A Fine Day to Play Some Tennis

Truly a very funny song....seems to have some double meaning in places....good lyrics, great job on music.

Would love to hear more!
Comment Written 02-Sep-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 31-Oct-2017

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