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Jimi Seven

New All
Painted Desert

The cover art looks beautifully designed and a delight to watch,the track sounds cool and pleasurable,however,the ending sounded too abrupt to me,i think it could have been better;all the best
Comment Written 18-Oct-2018 by Frankie(n)


When you are blessed with talent,everything you touch becomes "Midas Touch" and turns into gold".Keep it up;all the best
Comment Written 11-Dec-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 20-Dec-2017
    Wow, what a review comment....left me speechless...thanks!


Jimi Seven;
-I like the way you progress your beginning chords and structure your rhythm section.
-Very good
-I like where this is heading.
-Good luck in your future endeavors and may you have a happy holiday.
Comment Written 09-Dec-2017 by akkrys123
reply by the author on 10-Dec-2017
    Thanks again...kinda messing around and trying to make something happen! Hopefully I can make it into something "real."
reply by akkrys123 on 11-Dec-2017
    Jimi; Messing around can prove lucrative when item blend together. Good luck and as always
    may you have, always, that creative spirit.

Sister June Louise

Jimi Seven;
- excellent progression great court arrangement and curb composition .-
Good luck in your future endeavors understand that the vocals
take care and have a happy holiday.
Alex -
Comment Written 09-Dec-2017 by akkrys123
reply by the author on 10-Dec-2017
    Thx for listening as always! Appreciate your feedback and continue to have fun making music.
reply by akkrys123 on 11-Dec-2017
    You're welcome Jimi and have a great X'mas.

Sister June Louise

First off let me say, your songwriting and arrangement skills are top notch. I really enjoyed the groove of this song. Sort of a modern take on classic 50s rock and roll. Very cool.

The only way I think this could be better is to swap out midi for real instruments. Other than that, this song is amazing.

Great Job!
Comment Written 05-Dec-2017 by Hellbilly HeartThrob
reply by the author on 06-Dec-2017
    Thanks so much! Agree with you on the midi and plan on doing real guitar on the final version. The bass, drums and one keyboard are live. This is kinda my "test' version in early stages.

    Thanks so much for listening!

Sometimes Love

In musical terms, it's pretty good. But the mixing down needs to be looked at a bit more, i'e the vocals are either too quiet or too loud. The guitar 'hook' needs to be brought back a bit. I do however like the composition. You also have good voices, and you don't need to double track! May I suggest, when you record a voice, instead of doubling, just add some reverb.
Comment Written 25-Nov-2017 by Synthmagic
reply by the author on 25-Nov-2017
    I appreciate you taking time to listen and offer feedback.
    It is interesting to hear many varying comments on the same song. First, I do agree the guitar riff is too loud in place. As far as vocals ai continue to work with compression and eq, in addition to setting levels in the in and out phases. It truly is an art in and of itself. I have not even begun to master it.
    As far as doubling the vocal track, well that is by design not to achieve something that reverb or delay will accomplish.
    I know ADT was developed back in the Abbey Road studios and John Lennon used it as a default in nearly all of his recordings. While I don't that far, I do like the effect itself and it provides what I wanted on this song.
    My goal with my music is to write songs that have a hook, something that the listener can walk away from and sing or hum the melody.
    I know you cannot please everyone. I have only been writing a couple of years and am learning as I go. I have tended to over engineer and it has made writing and recording work rather than fun. And so now I am working to compose, perform and get it to the point it is pleasing to me first, and others secondly.
    But I appreciate constructive feedback such as yours. Please post your songs as well. Thanks.

Sometimes Love

Once you good and talented,everything you do sounds good;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;all the best
Comment Written 17-Nov-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 17-Nov-2017
    Thanks so much for your nice trview

Monterey Skies

The progression is good, and you've added things to the sound as it nears the end, but it feels like it needs a bit of a breakout segment, where it deviates a little more from the monotony of the same sounds, so it can become more of an instrumental song than a backup for something else. It doesn't sound so much like a main focus.
Comment Written 13-Nov-2017 by Harmonnick
reply by the author on 13-Nov-2017
    Thanks for listening...but no, it is the main focus of the song, not a background for anything. Song structure is about repeating verses, choruses, etc so there is planned repetition. One of the free form song structures is jazz which is not my style.
    If I put words to it then it may become more clear but that was not the plan.
    As to the monotony, I guess that is in the ear of the listener.
    But this was recorded and produced by some pretty experienced folks in Nashville who would disagree with you.
    Songs are what they are. No one likes all that they hear but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I am quite glad you listened and commented though as one problem with this site is that only a few listen or comment or rate and most people give things a meaningless rating.
    I wish there were more like you on the site who think about what they listen to rather than putting out the same old boilerplate remarks.
    Continue to listen and provide your feedback as I will post here in a variety of genres.
    I had quite a few songs on here and actually was #1 ranked artist but pulled my songs because of lack of honesty from the site owner and poor participation.
    Please post your works here as well as we need content. Plus, reviewers who have not posted anything have little credibility as far as most songwriters are concerned. I look forward to hearing your songs.


    Thanks again!

Monterey Skies

well composed and well played;it sounds pleasing to the listening mind;keep up the works and make it happen out there
Comment Written 10-Nov-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 10-Nov-2017
    Thank you for listening!

Rock'n Roll Star

This song has a great narrative. Tracks that tell a story aren't as common as they used to be- so I found this really refreshing! You have a neat sound too. I hear harmonics from the 70s and riffs from the 80s. Loved this a lot!
Comment Written 04-Nov-2017 by connor1245
reply by the author on 10-Nov-2017
    Thanks for listening!

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