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Modus Vivendi Edit #3

lyrics were good for a rock song. expressing your thoughts and feelings of war is good. lyrics were good. instrumentals were good. vocals were good.
Comment Written 10-Jun-2017 by teepeeme
reply by the author on 12-Jun-2017
    Thank you very much.

Modus Vivendi Edit #3

It sounds good;well composed and well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best in your endeavors
Comment Written 04-Jun-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 04-Jun-2017
    Thank you very much Sir for your review and rating. Much appreciated.

You Don't See Me Edit #3

Very cool! I like all parts - verse, chorus and break. My favorite part is the break. It made me think of Rush - mostly because of the bass. I thought the drums sounded great. This is a little in the pop direction for you, and you did it well. Of course it's about as much pop as "The Whistler," i.e. prog/pop. And I did like the Tull reference. Well done, as always. That's what I expect and that's what you deliver. This makes me hungry for more of your new material. Thanks for sharing!
Comment Written 24-Apr-2017 by Scott Harvey
reply by the author on 24-Apr-2017
    Thank you much for the great rating and review Scott. The musical inspiration for this one was The Who's (Who's Next) album. As I was sitting listening to it, I also started thinking about the lyrics from another great song that they did called The Real Me. You Don't See Me is sort of a response to all that.

    Glad you liked it :-)



You Don't See Me Edit #3

Cheers Noah;
-just brilliant lyrics that are quite captivating and says it like it is in flow smoothly with the enjambment which is understood throughout the writing without a hiccup or a syntactical break.
-The music is very befitting and relative to the words or the lyrics.
-I enjoy this one immensely and a great job.
Comment Written 24-Apr-2017 by akkrys123
reply by the author on 24-Apr-2017
    I am honored Alex by your generosity. I have been a long time fan of The Who and Townshend's wave sequencing. I wrote this with The Who's Behind The Wall album in mind. Baba O'Reilly and Won't Get Fooled Again. Just an exercise in proving something to myself. I am pleased that you liked it so much. I have taken a little heat from people saying my music isn't "rocky" also; so this is a one time response to that. :-)


    Noah Ohne
reply by akkrys123 on 03-May-2017
    Noah; criticism is all around us and knows the sailors professional and not I feel that your music is lightly rocky and in fact I think it is beautifully composed and well recorded. Sorry for my late reply and take care and have a good one and good luck in your future endeavors.

You Don't See Me Edit #3

nice track;well composed;the rhythm sounds good;the instrumentation sounds good and the vocals was greatly executed
Comment Written 23-Apr-2017 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 23-Apr-2017
    Thanks Frankie.

Home Back East Edit #6

This one has a little bit of an R & B groove. It's nice to hear you take chances with your vocal range. It sounds good. This has a definite 70's/80's feel to it. I like the keyboard solo. Really well done!
Comment Written 30-Dec-2016 by Scott Harvey Reviewed with blinders on.
reply by the author on 31-Dec-2016
    Thank you very much Scott. Yeah, vocally, this one was a BIG stretch for me.... lol! The R&B think was inspired by my father who loved the blues, Chicago and Motown music. He passed away in 2005 and this is a bit of a song for him. Thank you very much ffor the comments and the great rating. Both are very much appreciated. Cheers and HAPY NEW YEAR :-)
reply by the author on 31-Dec-2016
    That was supposed to be HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Merry Christmas (Keep It Well)

I like the prominent role of the bass on this. The keyboards sound great, as always. You mix up the instrumentation so well that the lack of a chorus isn't noticeable. There are some very nice instrumental breaks, though. In this time of divisiveness, it's good to hear a well-written, hopeful, and unifying song. Your vocal phrasing is very good, which is something I struggle with. You keep it interesting, instead of just singing the lines. Very nice!
Comment Written 27-Dec-2016 by Scott Harvey
reply by the author on 27-Dec-2016
    I have never thought of myself as a singer and still find it rather impossible. It's hard for me to do it and I always do it last... even after my guitar and keyboard tracks where they exist (usually) although for different reasons. My vocals are always from the perspective of trying to tell an interesting story that won't offend the music... that's why there are seldom choruses. Choruses usually involve harmonies in ranges that I can't do (at least the way I hear them). So I try to substitute the lack of vocal material with interesting musical material.

    Believe me, I struggle with all of this stuff.

    I greatly appreciate your comments and rating on this track Scott. Your kindness and generosity abound.

    Happy New Year


    John Knight
reply by the author on 27-Dec-2016
    My vocals many times are totally adlib in terms of phrasing. I have to feel it to do it well, so I spend many hours of listening to the music thinking of ways to possibly doing it before pressing the record. However, after that point it's often a surprise to me what comes out as far as the vocal "melody" if you will, goes. The lyrics, like the music are written beforehand so there are no surprises. Guitar solo's are usually totally adlib also except a few.
reply by the author on 28-Dec-2016
    This song was meant to be unifying in many respects. These are not times when we should be divided in any cause or purpose. There are many forces that might enjoy that end and I will not suport it. Together we can conquer and obstacles, apart, we are defeated.

A Dog's Day

Great use of effects (or, are those your dogs!?). The organ sounds great and fits well. I think that's violin plucking I hear, not sure. Works though. As usual, you pick songs that suit your voice well. Obviously, this song is in the mode of "Another Christmas Song," by Tull. Nothing wrong with that! Your song is unique. I can tell that the guitar is real - thank you! The lyrics paint a vivid picture.

Favorite verse:
Reflection breaks, the dog howls
Returning from the places
That we've never been

Spoken words - straight out of "Passion Play," in style, that is. Love it. Really love this song. It's a little "busier" than I would choose to make it, but it certainly held my interest with all of the interweaving parts. Superbly done!
Comment Written 27-Dec-2016 by Scott Harvey
reply by the author on 27-Dec-2016
    Lolol... The dogs are partially mine and partially those of my neighbor who's dogs love to howl early in the morning. The samples were recorded on my Samsung phone and transfered to the DAW, A few slices were taken and offset to make it sound line a pack.
reply by the author on 27-Dec-2016
    The violins (at least partially) are plucked and all the guitars are real. My trusty 3/4 sized Martin with enhancement from my Roland VG99. I am pleased to no end when anyone finds verses in my music that stuck with them, and actually, those are some of my favorite also :-) Endings are hard for me to come up with... so I have been trying to take a bit of an odd ball approach to all of them. THe music is a bit off the wall so why nt the endings.... lol.
reply by the author on 27-Dec-2016
    Once again,. I appreciate the great comments and rating on this track and am esthatic that you found some attractive qualities about it. Cheers! John

A Dog's Day

it sounds good and it's got a unique style of it's own;I couldn't find anything wrong with;I wish you the best
Comment Written 24-Dec-2016 by Frankie(n)
reply by the author on 24-Dec-2016
    Thank you much Frankie for the kind review and rating. Both are appreciated.


Hang On

This song really speaks to me. I consider myself a lost soul. You've got a good voice which fits the song to a tee. Good production. Sound quality great.yeah keep up the good work.
Comment Written 24-Dec-2016 by michael7858 Reviewed with blinders on.
reply by the author on 24-Dec-2016
    :-) We are all lost souls wether we know it or not. I am glad you found something in this one to relate to. Hope it helps in some way.

    Thank you for the excellent rating and your comments.

    Merry Christmas
reply by michael7858 on 24-Dec-2016
    Yeah you speak the truth my friend. Happy Christmas to you too.

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