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bryan taylor

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the wind

Great acoustics!! Congrats!
I may have already given a review for this, but it is very relaxing and gentle.
Keep up the creativity!
Comment Written 25-Feb-2018 by rasmine
reply by the author on 09-Apr-2018
    On "Down On 29" - do you think a video is warranted to push it.
reply by rasmine on 11-Apr-2018
    Yeah, would be cool! I have put all of Flower's stories together to give to publisher's when I'm done. :D
    Can you submit your music to be published and sold? (Sorry I don't know a lot about the music industry.)

CSR 3:56

It sounds good;nicely composed and perfectly rocked as usual,keep doing it and as always i wish you the best
Comment Written 22-Feb-2018 by Frankie(n)


This had a nice, smooth sound to it. Guitar tone was good. Drums were pretty repetitive, so when different parts of the song repeat on guitar, it's easy to lose interest. This also happens due to the absence of vocals. Most people listen for vocals, so if the song is instrumental, you want to continually throw little ear-candy nougats (wow, that sounds disgusting. anyway...)throw in something unexpected on the drums, then a little something on the bass, guitar, etc. just little things to keep them listening.

I saw that there were lyrics posted, and I noticed the intro was extraordinarily long, but I kept hanging on for the vocals. Eventually I assumed it was instrumental, but those lyrics still had me expecting to some degree. My interest started fading until the solo. After the song, I second-guessed myself on whether maybe i just tuned out and missed all the vocals.

I really enjoyed the solo. It was not cookie-cutter soloing style for this genre. Unexpected, unorthodox, and sounded good. Definitely the strong point of the song right now, but you're definitely capable of adding some real flavor.
Comment Written 03-Feb-2018 by Somebody Else
reply by the author on 05-Feb-2018
    thank you fot your constructive criticsms.


It sounds good no doubt;keep doing what you are good in doing and I wish you the best and all the good luck that is needed
Comment Written 01-Feb-2018 by Frankie(n)


:) Good job! I like the beat, you held it all the way through. The last minute was great.
Do you belong to a group or this is all you? Do you play the drums too? Or it's a synthesizer?
Comment Written 20-Dec-2017 by rasmine
reply by the author on 22-Dec-2017
    No I program the drums. And no again I am not in a group. Im probably so narcisictic that any group w/me in it would not survive. know your limitations I say. If some label wants me I could get a touring band ready in about 30 days. Thank you for the kind words.keep writing and never quit-never quit. Take care bryan
reply by rasmine on 25-Dec-2017
    I already asked you that; I always had trouble with memory. I have epilepsy and had lots of Grand Mal seizures which resulted in some brain damage, lucky me. :P
    Well, if a label wants you and you do go on tour, don't forget you Fans, okay, here. :P
reply by rasmine on 25-Dec-2017
    If you're narcissistic like that, you would have trouble with a touring band. But, I bet you would have groupies along the way. :P
    Have a great week.
reply by Anonymous Member on 29-Jan-2018
    hey if u like this one check out csr-3:56.
    great story-great artistry-i'm having primary
    teachers check out the value of presenting it to their k-3rd graders.i'll tell u if any thing happens. never too early for morals training... - Edit Reply


Cheers Bryan and Mary Christmas;
-what I like to wish for you for Christmas is to be playing on stage sharing your expertise in front of the world and for the world. Although I could use your expertise and my music a little sprinkle of Bryan here and a dash of Bryan there would be magnificent.
-I really like the segment a lot and especially the art of you playing your guitar.
-Thanks a lot for sharing and take care and have a good one.
Comment Written 18-Dec-2017 by akkrys123
reply by the author on 18-Dec-2017
    Thank you. The bar is set so high in my genre that the reality of the world stage is daunting. However it is made so much easier when I have the support of others such as yourself. I can't thank you enough. No the word qut is not in my lexicon
reply by akkrys123 on 22-Dec-2017
    You are so welcome my friend Bryan and have a very Merry Christmas.


It sounds good;well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;I wish you the best and the good luck that we all need
Comment Written 18-Dec-2017 by Frankie(n)

she's in wales-revised

Good one! One thing -- underwear, not ware -- sorry, more of a writer editor then music one. :P But I do love the guitar and upbeat of this tune.
Comment Written 14-Dec-2017 by rasmine

she's in wales-revised

Brian; you sure can play a mean guitar. I mean you could wail with the best of them. It's just fantastic how well you can perform and still keep it together good luck in your future endeavors and may you always be spiritually creative.
PS: may you have a happy Christmas
Comment Written 11-Dec-2017 by akkrys123

she's in wales-revised

It sounds good;well played;I couldn't find anything wrong with it;sometimes the extra thing needed is the good luck that we all need
Comment Written 11-Dec-2017 by Frankie(n)

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