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bryan taylor

New All
Austin@6th St.

Your rock instrumental does rock for real,you've got the skills and the talent,go ahead and do your thing,all the best
Comment Written 02-Jul-2018 by Frankie(n)

Austin@6th St.

Hello, Bryan,
I hope you are doing well.
A lot of talent on that keyboard! Love the ending -- the fade out is cool. Good post. :)
Comment Written 10-Jun-2018 by rasmine

Unload The Mad-Hatter

Hello, Brian,

Good lyrics wish someone was singing! The title rocks. :) The ending is cool.

I hope you have a good, short week! :D

Comment Written 29-May-2018 by rasmine
reply by the author on 09-Jun-2018
    how are we doing there
    how is your health
    keep writing
    lets make another video
    how about w/austin at 6th
    where is cartoon guy
    he must be extremely busy
reply by rasmine on 10-Jun-2018
    Mark is busy working at Walmart. I don't know about another video. He changed my story and we have to work together. I do miss him, but I also think he's a little upset at me for telling him my stories are copyrighted and we have to work together.
    Love the 'cartoon guy' :P
    I'm still sick in the mornings, but whatever, no one cares so... Wish I knew how to make a video on my own.
    How are you?
    I went for a Seal of Quality and was turned down so I've been slow on editing it and fixing it up for them. I'll get to it.
reply by the author on 10-Jun-2018
    what do u mean that 'your sick in the mornings' and 'that no one cares'?
reply by rasmine on 11-Jun-2018
    I have chemical sensitivity and Medicaid won't pay for a diagnosis. So, although, HUD recognizes it, they don't have to help me. I just suffer away. LOL! I have to laugh at the irony -- if not I'd cry. I just get on my pity pot at times, sorry about that.
    Hey, since Mark is busy at Walmart, do you me to write a story to a piece you have written?
    Thank you, very much, for asking.

Unload The Mad-Hatter

nicely composed and well played,it sounds pleasurable to the listening mind,cool like that,i wish you the best
Comment Written 29-May-2018 by Frankie(n)

The Wah-Wah Blues

Hello Brian, :)

How are you doing? I hope you are well.

Your lyrics are outstanding. I did find some nits:
but little too little too late (I keep thinking of the song from the 80's here -- maybe you could rearrange this or use different words to make it really original.)

This rhyme is really cool:
No money for their salvation
No grace for their administration (did you mean Trump's administration? I remember laughing, but not really in fun, when he uttered how he would have run into Parkland even if he didn't have a gun. How crazy is this man?)

Well, please take care,
PS: I also wrote a special Flower for the shootings. Hopefully, the kids will make a difference. I sure hope that Trump is voted out (and all his staff).

Take care,

PS: I put Flower up for a Seal on Fanstory. I didn't get one, but I did get invaluable advice from professional writers. I'm editing and rearranging; also adding! :P
Comment Written 23-May-2018 by rasmine

The Wah-Wah Blues

I like it. Nice lyrics too. It would have been nice to have heard them added to the music to see how it sounded together.
Comment Written 22-May-2018 by LeeConner

Down On 29

Your tracks always sound good and it's got what it takes to appeal to the general public;As always,i wish you the best
Comment Written 17-Apr-2018 by Frankie(n)

Down On 29

Good percussion, nice guitar, and awesome beat. Bryon, keep up the good work. :)

Flower Power is done if you want to check out the last story.
Comment Written 17-Apr-2018 by rasmine

Down On West 29

Good percussion. I like the drums in the middle of the piece.
I hope you are doing well. I guess the video is going to take a bit longer, Mark is working his tail off at Walmart. I feel I'm losing him as an illustrator. Hope not!
Please TC and have a great week.
Comment Written 09-Apr-2018 by rasmine
reply by the author on 09-Apr-2018
    you aren't losing him.
    he has a new home and i'm sure there are additional costs he needs to provide.
    yet he prides himself on accomplishing the task at hand. he-in time-will fullfill his part in this effort. bryan
reply by rasmine on 11-Apr-2018
    Yeah, I hope so.
    I have a few more stories than the finale, then a couple of special ones. :D
    We will publish, I hope.
    How are you doing?

Down On West 29

You've got the skills and the talent no doubt,as always,I wish you the best and the good luck that we all need
Comment Written 09-Apr-2018 by Frankie(n)

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