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Ray Brookes

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A Jewelled Crown

Very nice track Ray. Excellent lyrics that tell a good story. Your approach on this one is very good and it sets a nice mood.

Great job.
Comment Written 24-Mar-2017 by Noah_Ohne
reply by the author on 05-Apr-2017
    Thanks, John. Kind words always appreciated.

Three Saints Riding

Greetings and Cheers, Ray;
-I really love your song and especially the lyrics. 1st I listened to it over my good speakers and then I wanted to do injustice so I put on the headphones to listen to it even better. After listening to a 3 or 4 times I noticed that your vocals would not is the or there wasn't enough depth in the vocals as the word in your other recordings. Another was the vocals sounded little bit more flat if that's what you wanted then you completed it successfully.
The piano part is played sufficiently well and equally recorded exceptionally well. All in all I really enjoyed this song but after listening to your other recordings this 1 could use a little bit more of something that I'm not sure of because I'm not as professional as you are.
-If by chance if you get some time could you listen to my song "Best 2 Dawg Me" either on the front page or in my portfolio. I could use the help. What I've done it is I mastered 2 guitars and one league acoustic guitar with a fretless base and a keyboard effect. But I still can't make it clear enough and I thought maybe you could help me. Sincerely yours Mate.
Comment Written 10-Mar-2017 by akkrys123

Three Saints Riding

Ray!! You are so gifted! Not only a brilliant lyricist but I love your piano technique too!! Is there an instrument you can't play I'm starting to wonder? Another wonderful song that I really love. A big fat 6 from me!!

Kerri :)
Comment Written 08-Mar-2017 by Kerri Powles
reply by the author on 08-Mar-2017
    Thanks very much, Kerri. My old piano teacher told me once I had a touch like a carthorse and an English Literature teacher told me my poetry would work best on the back of a fag packet. Aaaargh! LOL
reply by Kerri Powles on 09-Mar-2017
    So much for experts!! They evidently don't know it all do they?
    I've been told by other Composers (the ones who have degrees in music, and can read and write in notation, which I can't) that I should absolutely NOT be referring to myself as a Composer, as I am not qualified to do so. So you've heard it from the horses mouth Ray 'I don't compose music' :)

Acting Like Tourists

Great lyrics and lovely 'folk' backing for the voice. This is well written both in words and music. I could listen to a lot of your work. Thank you for posting it. I really like your finger picking guitar style.
Comment Written 01-Mar-2017 by Wallace
reply by the author on 02-Mar-2017
    Thanks, Wallace for the kind words; much appreciated

Caught In The Act

Great rhythmic music and blues chord sequence. This is nicely arranged. Good use of the various instruments and the voice is clear and good to listen to. I really enjoyed the instrumental section.Lovely work.
Comment Written 01-Mar-2017 by Wallace
reply by the author on 02-Mar-2017
    Many thanks for the great review. Certainly had a lot of fun putting this one together even though it's a bit 'out of my style'

A Jewelled Crown

Cheers and greetings, Ray;
-I am overjoyed of being a fan of yours for your music is miraculously and majestically professional. I truly a recording studio and it used to be analog but now it is digital. I have a Presonus Studio 3 Professional digitally recorded set up with Martin six-string guitars and a Washburn 12 string. I have a monitor because then the such and to keyboards.
I would like to know what your studio comprises of because it is miraculously well mastered and recorded.
I'm glad to know another person from the land down under as I know two poets who live there. I live near Monterey California one of the largest and deepest Bays in the United States. My name is Alex Krysyna and I have a website ( I also can be defined on YouTube under Alex Krysyna.
I need help in producing music that sounds much like yours and master recording and I can use all the tips that could help.
-Thank you so much for sharing and take care and have a good one especially with the ones you love and care for.
Comment Written 22-Feb-2017 by akkrys123
reply by the author on 25-Feb-2017
    Hi Alex and thanks for the kind words; much appreciated. My studio is quite a simple & basic setup. For recording I use Cubase running on a iMac with a MOTU 828X audio interface and a pair of Fostex flat response monitors. For keyboards I have a Yamaha digital piano and my guitars are: one 1973 Fender Stratocaster; one Maton acoustic 6 string; one Takamine 12 string and a Casino bass. I also use Lee Oscar blues harps. Maton guitars are Australian made and quite popular down here for their nice bright & twangy sound. Oh, and I use a Rode NT1000 condenser microphone for vocals and miking up the guitars. I've listened to a few of your songs on Youtube including "Don't Go Away" "Oh She's Grandma" and "Let The Rest Go" These are all great songs but obviously need attention in regards to production. My best advice I could give at this stage would be to start subscribing to one of the recording mags which offer all kinds of tips and tricks in mixing, recording and mastering. A few years ago, I was a bit dumb in regards to all that stuff then started reading some mags a friend gave me; some trial and error and experimenting and I finally got to where I am reasonably happy with the sound I can produce. Anyhow, hope some of this helps and good luck with getting it all together.

    Ray []
reply by akkrys123 on 26-Feb-2017
    Ray; you have a nice set up I'm really interested in those Maton guitars they sound very good. And thanks for the tip about the recording magazine I shall look into it and definitely subscribe to one. Because I need all the help I can get.

A Jewelled Crown

What an amazing song!! Many men would do well to take note of the words in this song. Your lyrics are never just a meaningless string of words, but very prophetic words of wisdom. In short another brilliant song in every aspect. You are a master at what you do, yet unlike many, despite your obvious talents, you are always very humble, which is one of the things I have always admired about you. A well deserved 6 from me my friend!

Comment Written 20-Feb-2017 by Kerri Powles
reply by the author on 21-Feb-2017
    Thanks Kerri for the kind review and the nice words. Take care.

Pocahontas And The Big White Chief

This is fantastic Ray. Instrumentals are superb as always, and again your lyrics are some of the best I have heard. Never ceases to amaze me how you tell such meaningful stories in your songs. You could cut CD's and they would sell like hot cakes I'm certain of it! I've started goind to Acoustic evenings since taking up The Native Americal Flute, harmonica, Irish whistle, and more recently the Ukulele, I just wished you lived closer, as your music would go down a storm...Aus is quite a long way from little old rural Brecon, but you never know our paths may cross some day :)As for slashing my wrists, I think I'll pass :)

Best wishes....Kerri
ps. Loved this so much, I'm sharing it to my Facebook page for my friends to hear.
Comment Written 17-Feb-2017 by Kerri Powles
reply by the author on 17-Feb-2017
    Hi Kerri, great to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. I don't hang around this site much lately. Hey, I like the direction you have taken learning those instruments; good on ya! I love the sound of those Irish & Native American flutes ? so expressive & haunting. Anyhow, please keep in touch. I don't do Facebook but please drop me a mail every now & then to let me know how you are doing.

    Take care,


Caught In The Act

Excellent track Ray. This took me back to many of my visits to the southern areas of the U.S. Very traditional bluesy sound and well done. Get that stomp going. The performance is very good and for me was a step into Mississippi and the artists I know there. Your vocal is totally in the traditional style and sounds like you are a true southerner.

Great job man.
Comment Written 23-Dec-2016 by Noah_Ohne
reply by the author on 23-Dec-2016
    Many thanks, John for the kind words; much appreciated

Caught In The Act

I'm just sitting here with a pre Christmas Bourbon, enjoying yet another corker of a song from you, both from an instrumental point of view, and lyrics and vocal too!! I just hope you weren't singing from experience Ray :)My philosophy has always been 'you can admire what's on display, as long as you don't fondle the goods' :)Really enjoyed this song very much!! Hope you and your family have a great Christmas Ray!!
Comment Written 22-Dec-2016 by Kerri Powles
reply by the author on 22-Dec-2016
    Thanks, Kerri and a merry Christmas to you and yours. Nah, not singing from experience; at least not in the last 20 years or so LOL. Anyhow, have a great Christmas and don't drink too much bourbon. xoxo

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