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Kerri Powles

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Meadow Sweet

I have good news and bad news as far as my review on this.

First, the good news.I have zero Celtic but my wife, being of Irish origins, loves Celtic music...this is no exception.

I love the "flute" on this...subtle but reminds me of Titanic. Your music is always very good and this certainly ranks up there. You have many songs and I know I have not heard them all. But this is likely in my top 3 of your songs.

Now for the bad news.

I am out of 6's to award and so it is with much sadness that I must give you a 5. Still I know you are in no shortage of 6's!!! I am so jealous.

One thing that does annoy me about reviews on this site is that it very clear that a 6 is exceptional, 5 excellent, 4 Good and so forth.

And yet it appears the majority of reviewers give out 5's like candy which dilutes the value of a 5 and even a 6. In reality there are far more 4's deserved than 5's. That's not to say when a reviewer awards a low mark that he/she should be mean spirited about it. They should be offered honesty and suggestions on how to improve.

But when I listen to your music for example, much of your work should get 7's or 8's. A 5 should only be awarded when there are no real changes needed.

Sorry for venting, but I tire of boiler plate reviews that a couple on this site give over and over and over. I would rather that they simply do not waste any one's time.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy an extremely talented artist like yourself who posts some of the very best music on this site.


Comment Written 19-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 20-Oct-2017
    Once again I cannot thank you enough for such a fabulous review. If your wife likes this one she would probably like my 'Where The Heart Lies', which is also a Celtic one.

    It's been a bone of contention with me for some while now, this limitation on 6's, I don't see the reasoning, or the point behind it quite frankly. There have been many occasions when I have wanted to give a 6 for an outstanding work, and it gripes me that I am forced to give 5's as I've run out of my quota. If you ask me a few things need re-thinking on this site.

    Many thanks for your continued support of my music.


reply by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017

    Well as you can see I am much too outspoken when it comes to opinions.

    But I am being very honest about your ability to play but as much if not more about your ability to come up with original compositions. Many people can play well, but many, many fewer who can create something out of nothing that is worth listening to.

    Yes, I will check out the song you reference.

    It shows you are still a premier artist. Does that mean you decided to renew your membership, or did it not yet come up for renewal?

    Either way, I am so glad you still check on the site periodically.

    I have not posted anything in a while. I am getting arthritis very badly in my fingers. I already had nerve damage and surgery that did not really help much. But it is getting progressively harder and harder to play. My wife wants me to see another surgeon for second opinion. I may do that; otherwise, I may have to stop playing totally. I can no longer play 12 string and that was one of my favorite instruments.

    But if so, I will just check out your music.

    Take care,

reply by the author on 21-Oct-2017
    Ironically after you saying you notice I am still a Premiere Member, you will notice it ran out today, so I am no longer. I don't really see any point the way things are at the moment. I would appreciate it if you would keep me posted though if any of the Contests become active as I have several which have been pending for years now, but of course now they would not be in the running unless I re-joined, and as a non Member, unless someone tells you, there is no way of knowing if they start up again or not.
    Sorry to hear about your arthritis. I'm afraid you and me both. I suffer badly with arthritis. especially in the hands and knees. I find when playing Ukulele for any amount of time my little finger on my left hand locks out straight, so I have difficulty bringing it round to the string in time very often, very frustrating!!!
    Many thanks for your continued support in your music, and yes, I will check back from time to time to see what new music is being posted.

    Take care

reply by Jimi Seven on 21-Oct-2017

    Sorry to see you leave, but totally understand. And sorry about your arthritis as well.

    I will stay in tuch with you from time to time and let you know what is happening here, if anything. And more so to share music.


Loves Uncertainty

Such a beautiful melodic joining of two souls from the first encounter onward is the journey into uncharted waters. Your music captures it all --the fearful excitement, the thrill, the passion....

I liked the reverb/delay in the first part as it seems to show the space between them. Then it becomes warmer and safer.

You played this beautifully, with emotion and feeling that only comes from having been there yourself.

If anything it is too short...

Very, very nice!
Comment Written 19-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 19-Oct-2017
    Wow!! Thank you so much for the review and generous 6 stars! It's always nice when someone can visualise the meaning behind the music as you have done, so for that I thank you very much :)

Last Journey For Anne

I am no expert on the Tudor period and its instruments; however, you captured the plodding, painful and monotonous journey to her end.

I love that you let your imagination take you and us to places near and far way, geographically but also in time.

nice job as always!
Comment Written 19-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 19-Oct-2017
    This one was tricky because I was trying to approximate a Tudor feel with the instruments, without actually having any such instruments on my keyboard to play with.
    Again I am glad you could sense the slow and arduous journey taken by Anne Boleyn on her way to Traitors Gate in the Tower of London. I am fascinated by Tudor history, so I enjoyed doing this one.


As you well know I am an avid Beatles fan as so your description drew me into the music and melody. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine John singing this, even though Paul sang Yesterday.

I love be honest I did l listen to it several times working to get beyond the piano and arpeggios. That certainly was not anything you did wrong, but it was melding the melody, pure and simple, into the straight forward instrumentation as was done with Yesterday.

I may, if you don't mind, try to do something with this but in my way with guitar and create lyrics. I am not really a singer but may give it a go if you don't mind.

Do you have any suggestions for lyrics? If not, and if you are okay with me trying something, I will share with you what I am doing.

But this is very beautiful and I can hear elements that capture a ballad that The Beatles might have done. It flowed nicely with changes that allow for pauses and thoughtful touches.

Great performance as always!
Comment Written 19-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 19-Oct-2017
    Again Wow! And thank you for such a fabulous review and rating!
    I felt that it did deserve lyrics at the time I composed it, but it's one of those scenarios where absolutely nothing came to mind at all. I have had several abortive attempts, but abandoned the idea in the end, so yes, by all means if you would like to try your own interpretation with guitar and lyrics by all means do so. I am flattered that you like it enough to want to try.


I love how you started this with what sounds somewhat like an acoustic rhythm, then you gradually bring in the strings. Your understated and elegant melody is sad and rings of regret and lost love.
And so it is appropriately named. It has a love song quality and is not really sad nor happy. It is like an empty room filled only with the dust covered pictures of days gone by.Very very beautiful composition.
Comment Written 03-Oct-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 03-Oct-2017
    Wow!! Thank you very much Jimi for the lovely review and generous 6 stars. Much appreciated :)

The Two Min Solo

Can't believe and understand how you can compose the way you do. And perform it all so masterfully. It's not just the execution, it's the emotion, the feeling.

It's simply you giving yourself over to the music, like being least that's how your music makes me feel. I wish I had that gift.

Thanks for the wonderful contribution of this and your other songs!
Comment Written 25-Aug-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 28-Aug-2017
    Thanking you yet again for such a lovely review! You could say I am a very emotionally charged person, and I guess that comes across in my music. I know I am affected by things that happen in life that most people would either ignore or brush over. A healthy outlet for my emotions has always been my music. If not composing and playing, then certainly listening to classical music.

I Wonder Why

this is so heartbreaking...and so heartfelt.

I liked the organ sang it beautifully.

The lyrics were so perfect, communicating the hurt, hopelessness...

Reminds me of my song...Sometimes Love is Not Enough!

Such sweet agony! That's what love can be!
Comment Written 25-Aug-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 28-Aug-2017
    Many thanks. I nearly didn't post this up as it happens. I'm glad I did now though :)

P@ssion Frénétique

I'm sure you have much of your music played on radio and elsewhere.
This is weaves and winds itself along and takes me with it.

Your playing and nuance, the way your emotion is captured in your playing...

This is so beautiful.

Kerri, you are so gifted!
Comment Written 25-Aug-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 28-Aug-2017
    Thanking you once again. This was the only time my music has made it as far as radio. The only other time before that was when I appeared on the Local BBC News at age 5 playing the grand piano at my infant school (my feet didn't even reach the pedals!) I was watching it at home at the time, and I couldn't understand the concept of how TV worked' because I remember being very indignant that the little girl on the telly was not only wearing my cardigan, but playing my music as well!! :)

The Lonely Ballerina

This is such an intimate, lonely story in music. It is so reflective of how loneliness feels...not empty like you may think but surrounded by our own thoughts, our own possessions that we find some comfort in.

In this case the ballerina helped you escape by taking you on to a musical journey that led you to become part of music.

Congrats on another mesmerizing piece.
Comment Written 25-Aug-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 28-Aug-2017
    Thank you again! It's very refreshing when someone not only reviews, but very obviously takes the time to really listen.

Going Christmas Crackers

How did the play go? I'm sure everyone loved this. This has a nice theatrical, and festive feel to it.

You picked the right instrument sounds. It flows with an undercurrent of happiness, muted but suspenseful as if driving a plot.

Nice work!!!
Comment Written 25-Aug-2017 by Jimi Seven
reply by the author on 28-Aug-2017
    Thanks again. Indeed it was driving rather a dark plot as it happens. It was great because during the interval so many people came up to me and congratulated me on the music! It's nice to be appreciated isn't it?

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