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Funky Jam

Very nice funky feel. This groove is ripe for all kinds of creative improvisation to happen, and it does. The guitar solo is very good and fits into the groove and the overall sound nicely with an excellent smooth slightly overdriven sound.

The sax/guitar interplay is very tastefully done and sounds really good. The drums provide a rock solid foundation that keeps the drive of the funk going nicely.

Great piece.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Be Nice !

I must admit that the 7/8 meter lends itself more to jazz than any other meter without going too far into the timing that the average listener looses it. You work well in this meter and the results are very pleasing.

The groove you have here is well complimented b the instrumentation and the tonal variety. They all come together nicely to create a piece of music that is truly a pleasure to listen to and review.

You are a very creative composer. Excellent performance.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

One on seven

Very tight and I love songs in 7/8. This track keeps the momentum going and although the time signature may be considered "odd" by some, it feels good to me.

The instrumentation is superb. The tone of the guitars, sound of the electric piano, the punchy bass line are work well to form a cohesive piece of music that kicks butt from beginning to end.

Superb composition.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

The exhibitionist

Very nice groove. This is the kind of music I loved listening to in the 70's. You have recaptured that era nicely. This piece is well structured, smooth and has a great flow. The main body of the progression and the changes flow smoothly and keep the groove going throughout.

Excellent composition and recording.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Worlds Apart - Turks111

Very funky smooth flowing composition. The overall sound is superb. The solo improvisational parts are very good. The guitars sound great in the mix and everything is very well balanced. The recording sounds very professional. The vocal effect is very interesting and gives the track a very unique flavor.

The progression is excellent and the changes flow like warm butter.

Great track.
Comment Written 29-Apr-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Worlds Apart - Groovtopia

The opening bass riff makes for a great intro. The composition and arrangement here are very good. The sound of the guitar is smooth but still captured your attention. The up tempo feel is nice and keeps the piece very interesting.

The recording is great and the dynamics can clearly be heard. Great work.
Comment Written 18-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Charming Flowers

Love the feel that the meter provides here. Is it 14/8? Either way, the groove is excellent and just enough of a feel difference from the 'normal' to cause one to think.

The progression is very nice and has a playful feel that is very appealing. The recording and mix are excellent.
Comment Written 18-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Nothing will be changed (instru)

This is a very calming piece. The progression leads you to anticipate a female vocal.

The melody is very nice and follows the progression beautifully. The clean guitar sound is very appealing and the style is a bit reminiscent of George Benson.

Very nice piece
Comment Written 18-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

Funky Trip

Nice intro... sets up the funk before the band adds groove. The guitar sounds really good in this one and stands out in the mix really well. The instrumentation and arrangement are great and produce a really full sounding mix. The progression is good and the changes flow nicely. The percussion parts are nicely done.

Excellent work
Comment Written 18-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

The journey of a fly

Excellent usage of 7/8 and all while maintaining a funky groove. Great job.

This is an excellent composition. The creative use the meter while maintaining a commercial appeal shows lots of style and versatility. The brass is a nice addition and enhances the piece quite a but. The guitar sounds good, but I thought it would have been a little bright in the mix.

Excellent work
Comment Written 18-Feb-2016 by Noah_Ohne

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