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Your fallin down and you wonder why
Why you gotta have such a fucked up mind
Everything you ever wanted is gone....away

And so you try to act
You suck and its fact
Do you see yourself now
What do you think of yourself now
Comment Written 17-Apr-2014 by les nolan
reply by the author on 06-Jul-2014
    your comment represent this site :)


sehr gut gespieltes Piano. Sehr gef├╝hlvoll. Die Streicher klingen mir etwas zu sehr digital, aber was soll man machen, wenn man kein Synfonie-Orchester im Freundeskreis hat.
Comment Written 31-Jan-2014 by Howie
reply by the author on 31-Jan-2014
    Yes, piano is my thing! I also would prefer real orchestra rather than digital. Thank you for listening! :) Peter


Lets review or just as you've said about music never meant to only entertain but form a dialogue with the listener... and the player. Very sentimental groove.
Comment Written 22-Jan-2014 by Dustybones
reply by the author on 23-Jan-2014
    Thank you for listening! Best regards.. Peter

1st piano improv. for Morning Star

OMG... Such an amazingly beautiful song! I have nothing else to add then to sit and listen for it again and again. If I could I should give 10 stars for it. It ended too soon...
Comment Written 30-Dec-2013 by Josh
reply by the author on 05-Jan-2014
    Thank you Josh! I am glad that you like this. Sorry, I couldn't reply early because admin locked my account. Best regards, Peter :)


Very sweet and sad beautiful song. Your piano play is amazingly sentimental melodic and soft. You are a great artist.
Comment Written 30-Dec-2013 by Josh
reply by the author on 05-Jan-2014
    This peace of music came to me absolutely spontaneously. Many listeners agree that piano is my signature instrument even though originally my major instrument was violin. Thanks again for you comments. Peter. :)

Autumn (with lyrics)

Song is great, so that I almost got tears. So sweet piano play, so great melody. I could listen it more, but it ended too soon.
Comment Written 30-Dec-2013 by Josh
reply by the author on 05-Jan-2014
    Singer of this song told me that Autumn is always in his mind. He feels that this music has magic.
    Thank you for all your reviews! Best wishes! Peter :)

Autumn (with lyrics)

This is very beautiful. I loved just the instrumental of this, but the voice certainly gives this an extra lift and makes it even more beautiful (if that's even possible) the lyrics were very lovely also. I really wanted to give a 6 but have run out of my allowance.

Best wishes... Kerri
Comment Written 25-Dec-2013 by Kerri Powles
reply by the author on 26-Dec-2013
    Thank you Kerrry! I already had your review with 6 stars for this version of Autumn and thank you for listening this song again. I am always happy to hear your opinion. There are more lyrics and I additionally wrote another version with the different song structure. At this point I am not sure which voice is better for this song, male or female. I appreciated that you really wanted to give me higher rate but, again, limitations (in this case for 6 stars, not enough for everyone). Best wishes, Peter.

Autumn (with lyrics)

Your songs are really nice but until now I did't hear your voice. Is beautifull too. I can't make sugestions because you don't need! Good luck! Marry Christmas!
Comment Written 24-Dec-2013 by Ionut Mirel Udrea
reply by the author on 24-Dec-2013
    Marry Christmas! :)

Concept N2

Some very interesting sounds going on there. I could imagine this being used in a science fiction film. Would have loved to have heard more especially when it ended on a part (guitar) that sounded particularly beautiful. It's a real shame about the limitations on file sizes, have you thought about converting it to a smaller format so you can get it all on? Very good work from what I heard.

Best wishes...Kerri
Comment Written 21-Dec-2013 by Kerri Powles
reply by the author on 21-Dec-2013
    I know and I hate file size limitation too. I can check if I can convert it in a smaller format. In case if I can't do it I will refer you to another place where you can hear a full version. I agree that guitar part is good but I didn't have a choice. Best regards, Peter :)
reply by Kerri Powles on 21-Dec-2013
    You can download a programme called 'Video Convertor' for free on the internet, this programme will enable you to convert large audio files to several different formats. The one I use the most is mp3. You can cut a sizable file down using mp3 format and it takes up a fraction of the room without noticeable loss of quality. Hope this helps.

    Best wishes... Kerri
reply by the author on 22-Dec-2013
    Thank you for your advice Kerry but, first, I was trying to use iTune and result was impressive. I already had mp3 file 10 mgb but when I selected 'Create mp3 version' in iTune it created similar file with 5 mgb. Now, you can hear a full version. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts! Happy Holidays! Peter

Concept N2

Nice perspective and excellent stereo sound. I liked the different acoustic perspective and the solo is used in a very nice way. Good luck.
Comment Written 21-Dec-2013 by Nicos Antoniades
reply by the author on 22-Dec-2013
    Now, you can hear a full version. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts! Happy Holidays! :)
reply by Nicos Antoniades on 22-Dec-2013
    Happy Holidays to you too.

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