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Dance Major by bryan taylor

This is a really cool instrumental, and I really enjoyed listening to it. Your guitar-work rocks, and it made me listen it to more than once to catch everything that you are doing. The mixing and balancing is done very well too. Excellent!
Comment Written by dglockwood on 15-Nov-2017

Radio Gods by Jimi Seven

Jimi, this was really funny, and I thought the music was very fitting for all of the sound clips that ran throughout it. You have a great ear for balance in your mixing and that really made the whole thing work very well. Thank you for posting this!
Comment Written by dglockwood on 28-Oct-2017

At War With The World by Jimi Seven

I really enjoyed this. It reminds me of some classic Queensryche. I admire your guitar work, and the general feel of the tune.
Comment Written by dglockwood on 09-Sep-2017

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