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Boiling In Fear by compresser69

On a scale of 1-6, 6 being best:

1. Mixing: 5.1
2. EQ: 4.8
3. Production: 5.7
4. Harmony: 4.2
5. Melody: 3.9
6. Structure: 5.9
7. Performance: 5.9
8. Originality: 6.0
Comment Written by SuzieQ on 06-Nov-2017

Could You Fall by dwoteman

this is nice song. This is a great sound. Reminds me of something from late 40's or early 50's. The music though sounded like it was your keyboard preprogrammed music which was artificial.

The bridge was predictable with the staccato starts and stops which was amateurish.

I would work on the lyrics a bit. As they cadence was a little off in places, the rhymes and syllables were not quite together.

The best part was your singing. I like the tonality but need some work on adding life to the vocals, tremolo.

It could be the mastering and mixing were not so great.

But really impressed by your efforts. It is good to hear senior citizens who continue to sing and not give up way past their era of music has passed. Some music is universal and the Sinatra era of music is that way.

My grandmother loves this type of music and she was floored by your music. She asked me if you were related to the Lennon sisters.

Keep doing your thing!
Comment Written by SuzieQ on 04-Nov-2017

109 club house by amabongo brothers

This is repetitious. It has no melodic value. The instrument is okay, liked how you transition the sounds.
I am puzzled as to why anyone would listen to this more than a few seconds as theres no mystery about it. It just drones on and on and on using the same 4 notes over and over and over and over and over and over...
Doesn't it make your hand and fingers tired playing the same notes over and over and over and over and over?
I will change my review if you at least will write something with 5 notes and then maybe change the order in which they are played.
Comment Written by SuzieQ on 04-Nov-2017

Sheba's Song by dglockwood

This is awesome song, sounds great very uplifting.

Played great! Liked the instruments.

You nailed it my friend!
Comment Written by SuzieQ on 04-Nov-2017

Lost In The Dark by compresser69

Really? What is this supposed to be? It continue to amaze me how thse SONGs be put outa there and we are expect to grade them on the finesses pf recording when this is loud and ravolting ofennsive words. If mission is tio simply shock peoples well you did it masterfuly.
I would not play this on my front porch for little kids who trick or treat.
But as far as efort, you did very good. Somtimes efort trumps the quality of the actual music. I do your kinda music in my band and I can send you somethin that may help you compose with more confidence.
I do commend your try though. It reminds me of how i started out. So dont be discourage and keep pluging away.
Comment Written by SuzieQ on 30-Oct-2017

Reap What You Sown by ReaperMusic

This was just not very good in my opinion. I had my friends listen to this with me and we all agreed it has hardly a melody.It sounds so chaotic. If you are just starting to play guitar and are imitating those grunge bands from the 80's well you almost succeeded.This music is out of vogue now.I would really work on guitar and vocals.If you are just starting out I can just say don't give up but try doing some rock music that is current and requires you to play some notes. This was just terrible! I gave you a 2 for effort.
Comment Written by SuzieQ on 11-Aug-2017

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