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Jimi Seven


I love the message especially in this day and time of division.

It sounded great with just you and the guitar. You sang it well. But this would be a real cool song with backup instruments.

Great job!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Cheap Love by michellelvis

Very catchy song, quite original.

You sang it well. I liked the music behind it, too. Even though you wrote it 12 years ago, it is timely and goes well today.

I would like to hear more from you. Glad you're back in the game!

Jeep writing and performing!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017

Wind in Your Hair

Very pretty song...didn't sound typical classical but that is not to say I didn't like it as it was pleasing to the ear.

It actually came across as something, with the right instrumentation, could be a soft rock/pop song.

If so, I would add a middle eight change or maybe a chorus .

In any case, I did like it...good job whoever you are!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

An Old Mans Song

I am not sure what happened to the "total" song as it ended abruptly. In reading your lyrics it appears you left off some lines, particularly that about your children.

But still this is a quite beautiful and meaningful song. I would really love to hear it its completeness.

Great job!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Love Remembered

Very nice love song, a remembrance from days gone by. I really liked the lyrics, I can tell this is from the heart.

Simple but lovely melody. To many modern songs obscure the melody in exchange for the beat if that makes sense.

You played and sang this very well. Beautiful song!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Meadow Sweet by Kerri Powles

I have good news and bad news as far as my review on this.

First, the good news.I have zero Celtic but my wife, being of Irish origins, loves Celtic music...this is no exception.

I love the "flute" on this...subtle but reminds me of Titanic. Your music is always very good and this certainly ranks up there. You have many songs and I know I have not heard them all. But this is likely in my top 3 of your songs.

Now for the bad news.

I am out of 6's to award and so it is with much sadness that I must give you a 5. Still I know you are in no shortage of 6's!!! I am so jealous.

One thing that does annoy me about reviews on this site is that it very clear that a 6 is exceptional, 5 excellent, 4 Good and so forth.

And yet it appears the majority of reviewers give out 5's like candy which dilutes the value of a 5 and even a 6. In reality there are far more 4's deserved than 5's. That's not to say when a reviewer awards a low mark that he/she should be mean spirited about it. They should be offered honesty and suggestions on how to improve.

But when I listen to your music for example, much of your work should get 7's or 8's. A 5 should only be awarded when there are no real changes needed.

Sorry for venting, but I tire of boiler plate reviews that a couple on this site give over and over and over. I would rather that they simply do not waste any one's time.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy an extremely talented artist like yourself who posts some of the very best music on this site.


Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 19-Oct-2017

Time goes on by MetromojoBeats

I like the way you introduce your self at the start or each track. My comments on this one are nearly identical to the previous review. Keep the effort going.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 19-Oct-2017

Alternative Groove Music 1 by MetromojoBeats

I echo the other review in its entirety.

Keep trying and you'll improve if you go after it.

SOmetimes it takes a lotsof dedication and honest reviews.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 19-Oct-2017

Loves Uncertainty by Kerri Powles

Such a beautiful melodic joining of two souls from the first encounter onward is the journey into uncharted waters. Your music captures it all --the fearful excitement, the thrill, the passion....

I liked the reverb/delay in the first part as it seems to show the space between them. Then it becomes warmer and safer.

You played this beautifully, with emotion and feeling that only comes from having been there yourself.

If anything it is too short...

Very, very nice!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 19-Oct-2017

Last Journey For Anne by Kerri Powles

I am no expert on the Tudor period and its instruments; however, you captured the plodding, painful and monotonous journey to her end.

I love that you let your imagination take you and us to places near and far way, geographically but also in time.

nice job as always!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 19-Oct-2017

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