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Jimi Seven

The Industrial Giant by dglockwood

Great song and idea. You nailed the concept musicaly.

I really liked the tempo and the suspense.

Another great performance. You have imagination!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 15-Nov-2017

Elbliz_Dance by elblizfirewave

Really good rhythm, you did nice job singing.

The words were hard to understand.

The mix was okay but could have been a little better as the track was just not clear, the separation from low to high was not distinct.

The song was repetitious. But from a dance perspective it was good.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 14-Nov-2017

Switching It Up by therealZ-O

Good job and effort. The mix was really "muddy" and made the words hard to make out or separate from the back track. The bass was the same as well as it overdrove the other instruments, loops.

I would work on mixing aspect and work on the EQ and compression when recording and then when mastering the outboard tracks.

But nice effort. The rhythm was good.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 14-Nov-2017

IF This is love by Ameena

You did nice job on this. There were things that were good and some that needed improvement.

Here is what I felt needed improvement. It is a formulaic structured song that has been done a little bit much in my opinion. It became rather repetitious as it did not really go anywhere lyrically or melodically. The music, and percussion in particular sounded "gimmicky."

Things that were very good were the vocals and the mix. The performance was good.

I just think this sounded dated and artificial. It lacked pop and drive.

If this had been done 15 years ago I think it would have been refreshing. You have talent so please put out more songs.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 14-Nov-2017

Night Town by connor1245

Very nice tune, really liked the rhythm of it. The music was well done.

I really liked the chorus melodic line.

I think the lyrics kind of were not up to the level of the music as after the first two verses it was a repetitious making me feel like I didn't hear anything new --except for the good lead break.

The other thing was the mix needs work on the EQ, compression as it was not very clear, kind of "muddy." But I know that it takes much work to become a decent sound engineer so nice job trying.

Last, I thought your vocals were excellent.

Overall, good job, would like to hear more from you!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 05-Nov-2017

Sparks Fly by DJ-MCMUSIC

Really cool vibe to this song. Has a mix of genre's...sort of a Latin Rock feel to it. The rhythm is really nice.

Your vocals are excellent as always. The instruments are played very well.

The vocals were hard for me to make out in the first half of the song but were much clearer in second half of the song.

Also, about half way through the song the bass level went up, or so it seemed tp me.

But this is one of your best songs of many excellent songs. Nice dance song.

Great work as always!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 28-Oct-2017

Verbal prophesy by WendyP12

Unusual rap song but very good job.

Keep playing and contributing.

Great job! Nice lyrics!

Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 26-Oct-2017

Flower in the Sand by 4th and Long

This is an excellent composition. It has a nice melody and the lyrics are very good. The instruments are played quite well. I especially like the slide guitar. The vocals are even better.

The mix was good. The only suggestion I would offer and it is minor is that the bass seems a little strong and over powered some of the vocals and instruments. But beautiful song.

Really anxious to hear what else you have done since.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 26-Oct-2017

Let Go by BethMargaret

For being so young, you are doing good at writing and performing.

The arrangement was a little distracting to the bass was a little strong and the echo as well.

I would have brought the vocals up more in the mix.

But as to the song itself it was a good effort.

Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017


Quite unusual arrangement which made it interesting.

The singing was very good. The mix was okay but could have been a little better in that it was not quite clear in places.

But still, I liked the lyrics and the beat.

Good performance.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 20-Oct-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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