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Jimi Seven

Down at the Fishin' Hole by Hellbilly HeartThrob

Very very nice song, great job in all aspects from composing, vocals, instruments. But excellent job with the mixing and mastering.
It's not very often there is a that is executed as well as this. Nice to listen to but for songwriters and performers, this is especially good, Would love to hear more.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 07-Dec-2017

Why Cry?

This had a decent melody and the vocals were good. The instruments were well played.
The lyrics were rather repetitious though and should have had some variation, maybe more of a pronounced bridge change.
The message was certainly political. I do strongly disagree with comparing building a wall to keep ILLEGAL aliens out to Hitler killing Jews and Christians en mass.
I am in favor of helping those less fortunate than us. Americans provide more charitable contributions routinely and millions to help those in other countries in times of earthquakes, hurricanes, drugs, etc. No one is even a close second.
But I DO NOT support sanctuary cities harboring criminals.
Yes, there needs to be a program to assist the children who have been brought here through no fault of their own.
But comparing what Hitler did to building a wall???

A relative of mine was beaten and raped by an illegal alien in Florida. Don't forget the word ILLEGAL.
And yet these illegals get free education, free medical, allowed to vote in some states.

So try going to Mexico to live as a citizen and see how long you are allowed to stay and what you receive in assistance.

But when you're wife or relative is beaten, raped or worse, I will just say --Why cry?

Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 30-Nov-2017
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Through the Storm by dglockwood

I like how this starts out very calmly and builds up much like the plabe and pilot who runs into a storm.

Then the chaos comes. You did a good job conveying feel of a storm with crashes and thunder.

I would maybe add a little more low end to convey the feel of thunder more effectively and the fearful experience of a storm.

But nice song as always.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 23-Nov-2017

Dance Major-2 by bryan taylor

I love the intro and the overall beat.

There seems to be a little too much distortion and I would love to hear the guitar work a little better but very nice song.

You played it very well.

Excellent work.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 23-Nov-2017

Karma's Curse by mcdrastic

The good first...

1. Music is okay
2. Your ability to write is very good, in spite of your misspellings

The bad...

In your profile you write "death before dishonor" which sounds quite nice; however, your song, like a lot of rap, uses much vulgarity and cursing which does not further your message. It only shuts down. While I am not above throwing a curse word out in anger, I try not to.

But in the end the Bible and God tells us we will all be accountable for every word that comes forth from our mouths when we stand before Him on judgment day.

But the worse thing in your "song" or rant is that you are quite racist. Black, whites, yellow, brown all can be racist. In this world we should learn to love one another not hate.

For you to write your filthy, hate filled lyrics using phrases such as


serves no purpose except to propagate hate and anger.

I am partially white and I have suffered from the effects of racism and hate. Plus, I was not born with a silver spoon in mouth. And I now plenty of people of all races, including whites, who are born in less fortunate situations than you will ever know.

And still many poor inner city races of all kinds have risen above crime and drugs.

so you may choose to hate and blame, but please look inward and self-assess, and then turn to God and He will give you strength to grow and find peace and strength.

I will pray for you because I do not know your personal situation. But please do not continue to perform this hate filled composition.

You are quite talented and can write something that offers hope not hate.

Best of luck going forward. If you wish to work together on something or want some advice I will be glad to help my friend.

Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 23-Nov-2017

Abyss by Shane Houghtaling by ShaneHoughtaling

This was a good effort and with the right arrangement it could be something quite nice.

The rhythm was good. At times it sounded monotonous as the guitar strumming lasted for a little too long before you started singing.

The singing was fine but the lyrics were not clear as it sounded like you may have recorded directly into your computer. But that is no fault of your own.

I liked your energy and emotion. So I gave you a good rating for this song. Keep writing and playing!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 23-Nov-2017

Tombstone Overture by dglockwood

another epic song, could be a soundtrack...this is so cinematic.

Liked the changes in tempo, percussion.

Never get bored listening to your music!

Great composition!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 17-Nov-2017

The Thought Of You by purebobby

very nice song. great voice, good music and melody, post more, reminds me of 40's music, classic Sinatra era
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 17-Nov-2017

The Industrial Giant by dglockwood

Great song and idea. You nailed the concept musicaly.

I really liked the tempo and the suspense.

Another great performance. You have imagination!
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 15-Nov-2017

Elbliz_Dance by elblizfirewave

Really good rhythm, you did nice job singing.

The words were hard to understand.

The mix was okay but could have been a little better as the track was just not clear, the separation from low to high was not distinct.

The song was repetitious. But from a dance perspective it was good.
Comment Written by Jimi Seven on 14-Nov-2017

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