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A Nasty Habit by bryan taylor

Very good beat, one of the best I heard!! Is that you on the drums too? I hope everything is going well for you.
Have a great weekend! :) Ending is great.
Comment Written by rasmine on 13-Oct-2017

A Spanish Kind of Feeling by bryan taylor

Great beat and rhythm. I'm not the best at reviewing music -- just know what I like. This is upbeat and happy. Do you play to someone singing ever?
Comment Written by rasmine on 07-Oct-2017

Heather's Requiem by bryan taylor

Great piece! It's very relaxing, soothing, mellow. Something to listen to as you chill in the bathtub. I could picture this with Flower Power. Let's see what Mark says. :D
Take Care,
Comment Written by rasmine on 19-Aug-2017

my doggers' romance by bryan taylor

This is beautiful! I would love to use it; I'll contact Mark! :P I think it sounds so professional! All the best...
Comment Written by rasmine on 23-Jul-2017

House of the Rising Sun by bryan taylor

Hello, Bryan,
Mark sent me here. You are really talented! I love this. The guitar is soulful and puts one in a melancholy mood. If you want to work on a video, it would be great! Do you read well? I asked Mark--I have a very soft voice, but I was thinking that we could do a video of the first book--even written into Mark's work or someone could read it. What do you think?
Write soon and good luck with your music.
Rasmine (Nome)
Comment Written by rasmine on 17-Apr-2017

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