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an affair to remember by michael7858

Again, you know my critiques.

I like the runs, but they kind of cut out.
There are a few notes that are out of tune. If you are doing midi, that shouldn't be hard to correct.

Is this named after the movie?
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

Kisses True by Allgirl

I like the audio mixed in between the midi. I would just propose that there would be more "real instruments" involved.

If you ever need help with adding, get ahold of me, I would love to help!
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

autumn leaves by michael7858

Again, you do a good job playing the material. Do you play to a metronome at all?

I think having a solid tempo would help with some of the run.

Again, wish I could play the way you do. You are very good, but just reign it in.

Also if you want to keep on doing this, I would invest in some good condenser mics made for the piano. These mp3's are so compressed I can't tell if you are using a real piano or not.
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

Silent Night by Kerri Powles

I love your upper range. When coming down things get a little pitchy.
Maybe in your DAW you could use something to auto-correct/tune.

I would maybe cut back on the reverb a bit. I like hearing your more cleaner tone.

The eq in the treble range could use some exploring.

Great job!
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

Off The Chain by cellxbeatz

I am not a huge fan of the lead pad that comes in halfway through the beginning. I would be able to judge this song a little better if I understood what steps you took in making this song/what you wanted to convey with this song.

I like the third movement. The lead there is very nice, I am listening in headphones and I can hear it panning left and right. I like the whole third section a whole bunch.

Ok, the ending. The song would sound SO MUCH COOLER, if you didn't have that last part on there. Just let that piano part creepily die out.

Great job, looking forward to hearing more from you.
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

Late Nights by viewboishine92

I guess the age old adage goes that as a writer you should show and not tell. If there is nothing else to say in this song except how to make money and stay up all night, pair down the chorus.

The breakdown kinda broke down.
Fadeout quicker.
I don't know what kind of processing you have on your vox, but I would play around with that.

All that might sound critical, but I can tell you that when I am wide awake at 1:00 AM. I am going to be singing "Late nights, Late nights, No Sleep, No Sleep"
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

A Dog's Day by Noah_Ohne

Seriously, you gotta listen to some Tom Waits. The instrumental was a bit too crowded. I didn't like the tone of the oboe? lute? Anyway, I think it would be best to tighten up that part and maybe cut out a few parts so you can make out exactly what is going on. You could also do that with adding some reverb, or panning.
Like the outro a bunch, maybe fade out on it?

All and all good job, I always enjoy the fervor you bring to your songwriting. I never have felt listening to your songs that you ever half-ass it.
Comment Written by faustio on 24-Dec-2016

someone to watch over me by michael7858

I liked it! Wish I could play the piano like that. I am looking forward to the non-rough version of this so I can make out some of the runs a little more clearly.
Comment Written by faustio on 22-Dec-2016

Please Me by dannyblinks

I can not hear anything on this track at all. I don't think it's me because I tried it on two different computers. Maybe time for a reload?
Comment Written by faustio on 22-Dec-2016

N.n.D. by musicman

I like it. The guitar tone is very enjoyable. What DAW do you work with to make the music. It would be interesting to hear how you arrange and produce this music with other people. Are you using drum triggers for the drums or electronic drums at all?
Comment Written by faustio on 21-Dec-2016

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