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Soul Unique

Alice's Mind by michaelross

Vocals are ok. Mix is fine. Not a lot going in the song. Very unique.Maybe every now and then double,chorus your voice just to add some different flavor. Good words, thank you for posting lyrics. My honest opnion is its not a bad song at all, just not the "hit" potential you probably want (at this point). And maybe you are not looking for a hit, so that's cool as well. I suggest you restructure, accentuate the hook part if there is one.When you are singing your lines, every now and then put a killer guitar tag behind vocal (behind best lyrics). Wake up your audience by giving them things they don't expect.I really like your lyrics. Very good. Maybe a little more 'umph' on lead vocal to bring out those great words.Otherwise, good effort..:) I always say, great songs are rewritten, not written. Best of luck to you........
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 17-Jul-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Water to the Mill by Wallace

Wonderful. Like a piano ray of sunshine.We need more "Bach's" in the world today. Especially LOVED the second one! The chords remind me of Jaco Pastorius ,strangely enough. This goes beyond simple RnB/Pop structures. Thinking man's music. Very pretty and unpredictable. For that you get a 5 from me.Best of luck to you
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 15-Jul-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Kerchink by Schmuck

Ok. Almost reminds me of Frank Zappa,or Grateful Dead in a way. Very original. Good guitar instrumental. You use not often used draconian chords that go well with the song.Sounds like it was recorded full band, in room, one take. Cool. Its a guitar song, but I would bring out piano a little more, support the song.Drums could be a little more 'involving', I think. If you like horns, everynow and then a mean horn splash to wake em up lol. Other than that, the song is what it is. Im going to give a 3, not because I don't like it, but because I feel it could be more 'engaging'to your listener with some revisions. Thank you
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 15-Jul-2016

take over by ay2dot

Catchy beat. Pit bullish minus the hyperactive. I like it!!I see all positives here, no negatives. Its 'now' while being its own thing.Great production. Great instrumentation. Love the little 'string spikes' .Great leads. In my mind,you don't have to be a great singer to deliver a great performance, as you have proven here. Your voice does exactly what its supposed to do. My only suggestion would be put maybe 2 girls singing a counter hook line to what you are singing in your chorus. May spice it up and open to another audience . . But you get all FIVES!!!!!!! Congrats and good luck
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 13-Jul-2016

Dial 911 by G-FlExI

Nice flow. Good production. wasn't too crazy about the rap but I could just not be 'updated' so Ill give benefit od doubt. Pretty standard fair, not too much different. But good attempt.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 13-Jul-2016

Hello Blues by Adrianshawmusic

Sounds like you guys just got together, jammed then submitted. That's cool.Sounds like you had a good time.I would suggest you maybe work on mixing together a little better when you are playing together. It wasn't bad, just seems the 'flow ' wasn't as smooth as it could have been at times. Good blues though.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 13-Jul-2016

Mountain Tops by Adrianshawmusic

Very nice build up. Stirring strings then beat mix-up. Good power an uniqueness. Then another change of pace. VERY IMAGINATIVE. I don't even know if you can put lyrics on this :). Excellent job. I think you have maximized the cut.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 13-Jul-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Hold It Up by Dreamer Mc!

Retro production, which isn't a bad thing.Your rapping threw me off. sometimes either the rapping or the beat was off. I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. I think you should work on your timing. The song dossent really stand out as well. I don't like to give negative reviews, but I have to be honest. The good thing is you're not a long way from where you need to be.Just work on your timing and I think you will see some great things.Best of luck
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 11-Jul-2016

I Want My Dog Back by robin grimmond

Thank you for including the lyrics. Personally, I love the song. Its more novelty than anything, and some people may not get it. But you do whatever it is you do very well.And I wouldn't be surprised if you got a bunch of negative reviews, but you won't get one here. Everyone has their own groove. Production is not bad, good instrumentation tho pretty bare, vocals do only what they must. but it works.Lyrics could have been a little more imaginative, but, like the rest of the song, it does what it's supposed to, amuse the listener in an almost 'campy' way. Like I sad, some people may not get it, but I do. 'Because I want my dog back'
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 10-Jul-2016

be there by DANPEPE

Good Idea. But seems a little erratic. Production not bad. Seems a little too much going on, or not enough, I cant quite figure out.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 09-Jul-2016

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