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Soul Unique

Sands of Afghanistan by bigedwood

Starts off very different.Good combination of odd instruments and sounds. Then goes retro 70's on you. Kick ass 70's rock song. I would take the echo off the voice, think its too much. Otherwise, legit classic rock cut.Deep words. The music goes well with the lyrics. I could see this song in "Apocalypse Now". Movie. Honestly, great job with this. Great ending as well.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 05-Aug-2016

That Wasn't In Our Plans

Killer opening. Great overall quality, sounds like great instrumentation.Love that lead guitar. Lead vocal could be a little stronger. Adequate but dosent "lift" the song up. Background singers would def lift it up some more, make the cut more solid. The best things are the production and the instrumentation. Lyrics are ok, but I think they could be a little more imaginative. But nice, pleasant song.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 02-Aug-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

I'm going home by Jakov Smirnov

Really nice guitar work....Good mix on the vocals. Good mix on instrments. Good chorus. The song is pretty much done as well as it could be done. Builds up at end just nicely. Im not really crazy about the song itself, But it is done professionally and well done.Best of luck
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 31-Jul-2016

Look at Me by Junior__216

beats ok. Danceble, Rap is fine. Look at me hook is pretty good. Maybe suggest different mix on the vocals. I always try different mixes and pick the best one. Lead rap may be a little too out there, think it would help to bring it back in the mix. Thank you
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 26-Jul-2016

Lightning by John David Coupland

nice poppy, happy tune. Reminds me of 60's almost beach music. If that's what you were going for you hit it right on the head. Instrumentation tight and professional. Like the nice 'reverb' overall sound.As far as being a major hit, I don't see it, but a really nice, laid back cut performed with enthusiasm and control. I really cant comment negatively on this because it is performed really well.You blew this genre out the water. I gave you a 4 because of lack of hit potential in today's time. Maybe a drum breakdown to change up would add to it. Maybe shouting a word out at a certain time, circa "Tequila" may bring out it's novelty and invite more ears to listen to it. Good job tho. Best of luck.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 22-Jul-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Love and hate by 2USband

Nice piano at beginning. Not a bad hook. I think you can improve on it, though. I Like the guitar solo in middle of song. May consider getting a stronger, rock vocalist for the lead. The singer is cool for the song, but there are some pitchyness (which can be fixed w mellodyne.) As a whole I think the song is a 4, Maybe some more background singers to accentuate the chorus. That "Love and Hate" should really be emotional and coming out, like a Pat Benatar.IN a way I think the song is to tame and needs to be more aggressive. I think that would be amazing. Good luck to you.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 21-Jul-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Illusions by KillJeannie

Nice arrangement. Reminds me of Classic 80's rock cuts. But original and I love the change-ups. Great vocals, spot on. I really don't have any critique on this one. A well thought out tune that is it's own thing. That song is what this site is all about.Possibly finding the next hit under the radar .Great job .all 5's
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 21-Jul-2016

You(Prod. DennisBeatz FlamingBeatz) by lowk3y17

Good production. Drake like. I think you should try to be more unique. More original. Everything sounds great if you want another Drake track. But we already have one Drake. The key is to come up with something totally your own. Like I said, for a Drake track its GREAT. I gave you a 4 because you did a good job , but my critique is on originality, which I don't see much of here. But best of luck to you. I hope you take my suggestions and make your own space in the rap game. Thank you.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 21-Jul-2016

Starting Over by StormyFalls55

Very original. Wish I could see the words. Sounds like you are a good songwriter.The actual song is not bad at all.This is what I consider a first draft, unproduced demo. Not produced, just to let someone hear the song, which is cool. But when you are putting your product out there for people to judge, I would suggest you not present something like that.. I would go ahead and get the song professionally produced, and then resubmit. Sounds like the tracks are tight and well arranged.The cut just needs professional attention. So the positive here is that I think it can be a good song with some tlc, and the negative is the production is not very good. Best of luck.I gave you a 3 because I think you are a good songwriter, so I feel you should build on that.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 18-Jul-2016

Wish That We Could Talk by michaelross

I can definitely appreciate the feelings coming across in this song. Words are very touching. I would suggest maybe try to make them a little more imaginative. Great musicianship. Right in the pocket. I don't know if you wanna try background singers on the chorus. I would at least try it. We all understand that our song can always be improved, no matter how much we think its finished. I definitely feel there is that personal connection with you and the song, which is touching, and can play across to the audience. And I think with the right adjustments, there will be a great improvement.The production was very good.And I would suggest more expression in the vocals.
Comment Written by Soul Unique on 18-Jul-2016

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