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Hang On

I like this song and its hopeful message but there is a lot of vocal repetition. Musically it is fabulous and well composed. The lyric structure seems to cause you to get distracted by something else though. condensing them into 3 verse, 2 chorus and a turnaround or lead part might be enough to get the message across. Reduce the whole thing to under 3 minutes and I think you will have a hit!
Comment Written by bejson on 19-Nov-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Discussions Of Time

I really like the sparse yet bouncy synth intro and then it breaks forth and keeps on coming. My favorite part is the punchy bass line yet all the instruments compliment; love horns when they swell like these do. Excellent choice on voicing and effective use of so many. Every time i listen i hear some thing anew; just Wonderful! Then when you are complacently lulled in by the turn around the song revs up and punches you in the face again...its great. Song length is short enough that when it ends you are left salivating for more, where is the loop feature on this site?
Comment Written by bejson on 19-Nov-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

It's Just An Art Form Edit #3 by Noah_Ohne

To the point, well said. A very humorous take on a redundant content problem. I love the visual of endless ducks in a row to match the references in the song relating them to saying nothing actually. And this applies to many genres on the radio. Cookie cutter forms of music content with the same tempo, and lyric references to momma, trains, pickup trucks, getting drunk on beer, make up the perfect song, Not. This song packs many concepts in such a short version it is incredible! Thanks for the listen.
Comment Written by bejson on 12-May-2016

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