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The Parable by Freedom

I really liked the softly subtle feel of beauty this piece invoked, but with some of the notes sounding the same throughout, perhaps a bit too much the same, it just sounded like a beautiful piece to me, and not as much as if it invoked the spirit of Jesus or anything like that. Just a good piece.
Comment Written by ladyankh39 on 10-Apr-2016

Puppy Love by Kerri Powles

This is a very beautiful piece. Very peaceful sounds, very restful and melodic. I enjoyed this one. The ending notes put me in mind of playful puppies bounding away, maybe because of the picture. Only place really I would change anything would be a few of the minor notes more towards the middle of the piece that maybe could be played a bit differently so the flow would be smoother. Other then that, very awesome piece!
Comment Written by ladyankh39 on 09-Apr-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

A Captured Heart by Ray Brookes

This one had me from the first notes. Very nice segue into the lyrics, very nice flow between the lyrics and the music. I really liked this one, a lot. There isn't much I would revise on this piece, except for maybe a minimal one-word revision to make it even better, otherwise very well done.
Comment Written by ladyankh39 on 09-Apr-2016

What Don?t Kill You by Ray Brookes

The music to this piece is awesome and I wouldn't change even one note. Had me having to listen to the rest of it, as if it was imperative to my soul that I listen. Okay, two points on the lyrics. A few parts could have been written, perhaps, a little bit differently to better match the flow of the lyrics with the music, but overall this song was an extremely well-made piece.
Comment Written by ladyankh39 on 09-Apr-2016

Sleeping with devils by dimachine

I like the way the lyrics and the music were put together in this piece, and I do not normally enjoy listening to any kind of heavy metal type music much anymore. But this one I did enjoy. Two main points, though. The part halfway to three quarters of the way through seems kind of drawn out a bit to me, but I can totally see myself listening to this song in one of my darker moments, definitely.
Comment Written by ladyankh39 on 09-Apr-2016

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