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walking the wind by bryan taylor

Being a producer, I appreciate the way you're playing the guitar. Its nice. I've always wanted to incorporate that in my beats and instrumentals in a hip-hop style of music some how.
Comment Written by Brandnew on 22-Mar-2016

Sitamma andalu by sowjimusic2

This is very interesting. Your voice is awesome, I like your range of vocals. Are you from India? The only reason I ask is that My boss is from India, we listen to this style of music frequently, not that I am too familiar with the language, but it sounds very similar to it.
Comment Written by Brandnew on 22-Mar-2016

J'Gain_Front & Back by Am J'GAIN

This is a good song. Its catchy I'm still singing it in my head. Its smooth and soulful. I also like what you did with the auto tune, you did a good job with the vocals range of octaves.
Comment Written by Brandnew on 22-Mar-2016

If Only by Frankie(n)

I really like this song. I played it a couple of times. One thing that stands out to me is that you hit a good range of octaves, singing highs and lows. The vocals was good, it was a great beat, great guitar behind the beat. I was really feeling the lyrics because I can definitely relate to this song.
Comment Written by Brandnew on 21-Mar-2016

Wake up by 2euce B.I.G.A.L.O

Quality Work. It sounds like you took your time to write out your verses. It has a old school swag, where the lyrics are better and it has more of a message.
Comment Written by Brandnew on 20-Mar-2016

at your beckon call by bryan taylor

Nice Work. I have a homeboy that does this genre of music he'll love this track. I normally listen to Rap music but I do occasionally listen to this style. Sounds like a movie soundtrack
Comment Written by Brandnew on 20-Mar-2016

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