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Inhale the pressure by C137

Love the big, fat, throbbing synth textures. Like the way the dynamics build and then subside. Tentatively suggest that the percussion tracks be given more room and prominence in the mix. Made me feel like dancing.
Comment Written by UnMires on 22-Feb-2016

His Eyes by MissLadyLa

Very good lead and backing vocals, which would benefit from a bit more energy and confidence. Very interesting, apparently midi, instrumental backing would sound fuller with some more attention to mixing and mastering.
Comment Written by UnMires on 21-Feb-2016

Maybe Tomorrow by teek

Strong lyrics and melody backed by good acoustic guitar chords. While the words aptly describe an ambivalent relationship, I would recommend a slightly more emotional approach to the vocal.
Comment Written by UnMires on 21-Feb-2016
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Exhale the mood by C137

Sounds and textures are skillfully assembled, and the overall ambiance is engaging. It is intense, but could benefit from slowly building the intensity as song unfolds.
Comment Written by UnMires on 21-Feb-2016

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